Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Koen Turns Four!

{I just copied and pasted this from our GC Photography site.  Koen turns 4 tomorrow, on January 2nd...}

Our sweet middle child is now four!!  Wow.  Koen is a character.  He is a very stereotypical boy with his need to be very physical.  He loves wrestling with anyone and everyone.  Thankfully he has an older brother and daddy who will wrestle with him daily.  Mommy is better with the tight hugs which seem to be appreciated too.

Koen is easy going and confident and comfortable in any situation.  He loves preschool and especially the days where they get to learn about letters.  He's known them for more than a year but he loves learning the letter poems that go with them.  He is starting to write his name more confidently but the `K' is a little more difficult.  He is sick often but it doesn't bother him too much.  He has many food allergies and broke out in a reaction just before taking these pictures:)   He is an amazing eater.  He races cars every single day and does it for at least an hour straight.   He plays very well on his own. 

Koen loves going on errands with Gary and I.  He loves doing anything and lives his life in exclamation marks.  Walking around our neighbourhood and seeing Christmas lights provided non stop entertainment for him.  He is loud.   He doesn't really know how to smile, he just sort of yells.

I would never ask him to choose between me and his blankie, Bubi.  Why? I'm pretty sure I would lose.  He loves his blankie.  It has a doggie attached to it and he just rubs the ear under his nose.  Every single night.  We do have a back up one, it's name is `Bubi's Cousin':)

Here are some pictures of our monkey.  He is so good to his little sister and finds her so cute.  I don't have any pictures of him holding her (because I'm usually looking out for her safety!) but should do that because it is so sweet.  He loves his big brother and thinks Kai is his best friend.  I am so thankful for this wonderful family of mine.   We love you Kokies!
{PS Love this little location below, it's the water storage thingy near our house}


  1. He is super cute! I love that you describe him as always speaking in capital letters... that fits Adam too. :)

  2. He is such a little stud! Happy Birthday Koen!

  3. I love the ones of him beaming, holding onto the cars. So Koen!