Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why I Blog

People often say, `How do you have time to blog?' `Why do you blog?' `Do you really think you should share that?'.  Well, let me tell you.

From 1991 until 2005, I would write in my journal almost every night.   At least 6/7 nights.  It was a way for me to share my deepest secrets with `someone' and also to process the day.  I'm a thinker.  All the time.  I'm jealous that Gary can seriously think about nothing.   If I were to look back at those high school ones, oh man, it would just be full of how I thought I was so fat and how I wanted a boyfriend. Lame.  But, at least I was writing out my thoughts:)  Seriously, I hated myself for about 3 years (12-15) and I wish I could go back and have a good chat with myself.  That's why I loved teaching the gr.8/9 age, I hope those kids know it does get better!

I also love to record memories.  I've always taken photos and kept boxes with special items in them (each boyfriend got a box) etc.  I might be a bit much but I scrapbook the kids first year, make a photo book each year and I blog:)

When I got married, I stopped writing in my journal because I would talk to Gary each night.  However, over time, I realized that it wasn't the same.  I was sort of processing but it wasn't like talking to myself. 

I really just spend about 10 minutes on a blog post.  I don't edit it, unless I read through it after it's been posted and notice something.   I already have photos uploaded on my computer as I upload them (and edit if  on the DSLR) the day I take them.  

I love looking back.  What was I doing a year ago? What was Koen like at 8 months?  What are some funny things that Kai has said?

I just made my 2012 book.  So easy to do as I have all the information here!  The boys LOVE looking through the yearly books.

Also, not to be morbid, but I want the kids to know all about their childhood.  If something happened, they would really have no memories of me.  Well, Kai would have a few.  Hopefully this would be something helpful.

I don't do it because I feel like I should, I do it because I HAVE to.  It's so nice for me to get stuff written down.  It is therapeutic.   I enjoy it.  It's my personal time.

It's also helpful for family and friends far away to keep in touch. Oh, I guess friends and family close by too:)  

It is also great for connecting to new people.  I have made several friends (real life and online) through blogging and I really do like that. 

The downside?  Well, I can't write like I would journal.  It's not that I'm not open with those around me. Seriously, you can pretty much ask me anything.  It's just not fair to those I love to put `that' info out there. Arguments with Gary, personal stuff about my kids, specific interactions with extended family and friends etc.  So ya.  Can't share that.  Also, it is sorta weird when someone very random tells you that they read your blog.  I feel like they are staring at me in a bikini. Now, after 3 kids.  That same feeling of `Uh, I'm uncomfortable!'.   But I do like that they find something in there interesting enough to read.  

I love that there are random things that cause people to email me `Thank you for sharing...' `My kid does the same thing...' `Have you thought of....' etc.  It is a great part of my community. 

People do read.  And I appreciate that.  There's something in there that they get out of it.  Maybe that we're in the same boat.  Maybe that they think the boys are funny or Nya is cute.  Maybe because they want a glimpse of married life with Gary.  Maybe because, I don't know, it's just something to read when you are breastfeeding at 1am:) 

Anyway, to those that read.  Thank you.  To those that comment.  Thank you even more!  This is a great outlet for me and I love it.

And now, from around here....
Gary and I went on a date!!!  We went for sushi and I had my first `Caterpillar Roll'.  So good!! Love avocado.  We walked and took Nya with us and were only gone one hour but we had an actual conversation and the kids had the best time ever.  The babysitter built a fort and they played shadow puppets.  Now I feel like the most boring mom ever.  She even drove to our house which in my opinion is amazing. 
Nya is really struggling with figuring out how to crawl. She rolls and planks and hurls herself forward.  She's getting there.  It's funny looking back over the first 6 months how much I would write about how awesome she was.  She still is, but the sleep deprivation has caught up with me.   Sick babies are sooooo tough and exhausting.  And she didn't even have anything serious.  We have been healthy for one week.  Well, now Gary is sick but at least I don't have to take care of him.  I just have to hope he doesn't spread the love.
I love being able to spend one on one time with Koen. I miss it.  When Gary comes home, Koen and I will often escape for a few minutes.  I feel bad that Koen doesn't have someone to play with all the time, he loves  interacting with others but I just can't risk the germs right now.  Not exaggerating, 10/20 kids have been sick at his preschool this past week.  There are some nasty bugs out there.
The picture above is of me and my sister Maria.  I'm the one actually praying.  My dad won a photo contest with it 30 years ago.  He says I got my photo skills from him.
Koen was gracious enough to allow Nya to suck on his cars.  This is a big step for him.  We learned a valuable lesson.  She shouldn't suck on the cars with stickers.  Oops.
Nya and Koen playing in the fort.  They are actually starting to play alongside each other, it's pretty cute!
Nya went on her 8th or 9th nursing strike yesterday. After 12 hours, I pumped some out and she pounded it back.  She was giddy as I was pumping...seriously, couldn't she just take it straight from the source? 
And below...this is often what's it's like to try to feed her.  I have to sing fun songs and dance to get her to eat.  How can she be a Chapman?!  We love our food!!  Nya baby, you are so skinny, eat up!
I do not like January.  I feel sad and gloomy.  Wondering what I should do with my life.  You know.  Looking forward to some sunshine one day.  Thankful for my little family.   Thankful that I had the best sleep I've had in two months last night.   It wasn't even amazing but it was good.  And I'll take it.

Have a good day!
Love, Louise


  1. I always enjoy your blog! That photo of you and your sister is so adorable - I love old photos! I have just finished a book with photos of my brothers and I when we were little and have realized that children have not changed much over the years! They have always needed unconditional love and forgiveness whether they are in the computer age or not!

  2. I just have to add a huge AMEN to w writhing you said about blogging. I do it for the SAME reasons (and I even made yearly photobooks!) apperently we are ALOT alike Louise haha.

  3. I used to journal every night too! Then I got married. I have been journaling again now that we are traveling and it has felt wonderful. I write like I talk so it is boring to read back, but I still love it.

  4. I'm the same with blogging. I love looking back, it helps me remember things, and I am a journal-er too :) I do need to look into making books out of my blog though...Alf keeps asking me what I would do if it all disappeared one day...well, CRY A LOT, obviously :)
    so glad you got to go out for sushi with Gary! now i want to have some too :)

  5. I'm jealous of your sushi! Sushi in Alberta is definitely not as good as in the Lower Mainland! It suffices when the mood strikes but it's just not the same as getting some fresh stuff like you can in BC!
    I enjoy your blog. I need to blog more too. I used to journal a lot. I've got oodles of sketchbooks that I used for all of my grade 12 year. I've got 6 of them! I really should get back into that because I enjoyed it as my relief but now that there's two kids and a husband, makes it harder and it's not the first thing that I think of doing when I get "free time" because the kidlets are in bed!

  6. I love your blog! It's awesome. I can really relate to a lot of what you said about blogging, and I love your family. xo.

  7. Just like to see that an old friend is doing well! :)

  8. KODY!!! YOu read this?! Wow, thanks for checking in, friend!! Hope you are well!