Thursday, January 03, 2013

Harrison Hotsprings Resort and Spa

For Koen's birthday, we went back to Harrison for one night (we were there for my birthday in August).   We got a suite with a separate bedroom for the boys this time and then Nya slept in the playpen beside us.  Well, she didn't sleep much. PUNK.  She's 7 months old now, shouldn't she be sleeping more than 4 hours in a row?!!  Last night was 9pm, 12am, 3am and 5am (up for the day!!).  I shouldn't complain, she did pretty well the first 6 months of her life just feeding at 11pm and 4am.
{I realize this cake looks kinda funny but this is how he wanted it to look:)}

On the way there, we stopped at Gary's parents and had a birthday cake for Koen.  All the Chapmans were there so that was fantastic.  It was at this point that I realized he had a fever.  He had a good time, although sort of out of it, and says that his car cake was the best part of his birthday. Go me!  If you ever need a car cake pan, I have one!
{We all feel crappy, besides Gary, so this is what we took along...}

As a side note, I'm pretty sure Kai and Nya have fifth disease. Not terrible but not awesome.  They are in the rash stage so not contagious.
{Watching the boys at the pool...can't rotate.  Love my Ergo.  LOVE it.  }

Anyway, Harrison is great if you like the pools.  If you don't like pools, don't go.  Not the nicest hotel in the world.  I got a pretty good deal and we used the pools a lot!  Also, we bring our own food (pizza and cereal) so that saves a ton of money!  We had to go in shifts in the pool though because I didn't want Nya to go in.  It was below freezing outside and although the water is really nice and warm, I didn't want her head to get cold.

{Bed time is for the weak! It's party time!  She is such an easy going baby, even though she is currently sick, but she is a TERRIBLE sleeper like her cousin Georgia!!!!!!  Also, unlike her brothers, I cannot just feed her to sleep.  Her tummy is so small.  And, I'm a weird person who is unable to breastfeed lying down.  I physically am unable to do it.  Weird eh?  Maybe there's a trick I don't know about? }

Gary took the boys and I held Nya and watched:)  At night, Kai and I went swimming under the stars which was really awesome.  My highlight.  Well, the shower I had this morning was pretty awesome too.  So much pressure, I loved it!  Yes, when you have 3 kids, a good shower makes the highlights of the trip.  The kids were up by 5am but had to wait until 8am for the pools to open again.

Koen was pretty sick and when he wasn't in the pool, he was watching tv in bed.  Poor Kokies:(

I said to Gary in the morning, that next time, we will go there as a romantic getaway without the kids.  Gary had already checked out the rates:)  I love seeing my kids happy, but man, I also love REST and ROMANCE.  So, maybe next Christmas?

This was the very first trip we have gone on where we have not taken my work laptop or a DSLR.  I had my iPhone so I still had internet access and could take some pictures.  I find with three kids, especially one being a baby that needs to be held, having a DSLR around my neck isn't super convenient:)  However, I should take the camera next time or our yearly photo book is going to have some pretty crappy pictures in it.

We came home this afternoon.  I had a 20 minute nap and then I did a 6 km run.  I have been sick for one whole month.  Daily, I take my thyroid meds, sinus spray and buckleys.  I hate having medication in my body, especially while breastfeeding.  Anyway, dr called this evening and I had to go in for throat swab results for a test I had on January 1st.  I have strep throat.  I'm not even done with my sinus infection and I'm back on antibiotics for strep.  I've had it all week.  My throat kills and I've been so tired.  But, do I get to rest? Not really!  They didn't put me on the stronger antibiotics because I'm breastfeeding so I hope this does the trick.  I'm soooooooooooooooo ready to be healthy.  And seriously, I really, really, really need some decent amounts of sleep.


Okay, I'm going to bed now.  

Hope you had a great week.

Love, Louise


  1. Ummm...onion looks like a teen in his underwater picture! And how did you get the underwater photo? please don't tell me your iphone took that!!!! That'd be crazzzyy! Let's hope for health, sleep, and normalness!!!!

  2. Jackie, I do have a waterproof case that my iPhone is in so it could but I'm too scared to try:). It's just a waterproof camera.

  3. Still sending good healthy vibes your way. Boo to sicknesses.

  4. You and Gary should check out the Tulalip Casino in Washington next time you managed to get a night away just the two of you. It came highly recommended to us and is only an hour and a half away (by Seattle premium outlets in smokey point) we booked a night away without Noah for my birthday this month and got it for $119 and its like 5 star! I'm pretty excited :D

    Ps - we don't plan to use the casino. But apparently the eagles buffet is incredible and we plan to go shopping next door at the outlets.