Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Life in iPhone Photos

Buddies!  Koen got this hat at preschool and wears it all the time.  Nya now sits up confidently on her own.
Her blue eyes and huge smile melt me over and over.  If I could freeze time right now, I would.  Well, maybe once basketball season was over I would.  Gary's team lost today by one point:(  Boo.  He's back out at a second game right now.
When I do dinner, bath and bedtime by myself, I feel like Supermom.  However, this is what dinner sometimes looks like when Gary is not around...
I've done two dinner and bedtimes in a row by myself.  All kids asleep by 7:30pm.  Yes, Nya too!!  
Oh man, she is like this all the time.  Melting. Again.
`Diary of a Wimpy Kid' is probably a bit too mature for Kai but it does lead to many good discussions.  For example, as I took this picture above, he said `I'm so hot'.  He learned that we don't talk like that when we are 6 years old.
Nya has discovered a whole new world of toys in the ottoman.  Such a great thing for all three kids.  Helps them learn to stand and walk.  Also, it keeps our house a little more toy free.
We won a free pizza from our neighhbour.  She was the `Hero on the Block' from Me 'N Eds Pizza.  I ordered a perogy one and had it delivered to our house.  It was my first time ever ordering pizza to our home.  I felt so mature:)  It was soooooo good.
This was Nya's face after discovering there is more to the world than pureed fruits and veggies.  She may have had a taste of soft serve ice cream from Costco.  Bad, bad mommy.  I figured I wanted to be the one to give it to her before Gramma did.

I hope you have a great weekend.  In the next week we plan to book our Thailand/Philippines trip!! Eeek!!  So nerve wracking because I want to make sure that prices don't go down by $2,000 or something after that.  Oh well. 

Love, Louise

PS I'm supposed to run my 7.5 km this weekend!!!  This is far for me.  I haven't run further than 6 km over the past 6 years.   I'm pretty sure that the last time I ran 10 km was in December 2004.  



    And Kai is wearing snowshoes. Wasn't he just born or something.

    Perogy pizza?

    You are supermom. I can hardly bath and feed myself, let alone three others.

    Did I mention how cute Nya is? Can you please post more pictures? And does she really smile that much?
    Actually, maybe hold back on the pictures. It makes Vani look bad.

  2. yeah, she is just super cute!!! So smiley!

    good luck on the run...i'm sure you'll do awesome at it!!! :)

  3. i have your play table - hannah is done with so it looks like nya is ready for it:) ill bring to playdate friday. she is a sweetie and yummmmmm that perogy pizza looks mouthwatering. yes please. did u and gary eat it all? :)happy running

  4. Ali, I would LOVE to be running in the sun right now but Gary's at a stupid (yes, I said stupid) tournament and they lost which means he's not coming home until it's dark. I'm going to attempt running on a treadmill at the gym tonight. Probably not fun at all to run so far on a stupid (yes, I said it again) treadmill.

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Nya looks like her mommy, especially her smile!