Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Someone Is Having A Baby!

Life is good.  I can say that for the first time in one month I AM HEALTHY!!!   Well, my thyroid is still out of range but other than that, I AM HEALTHY.

Poor Nya is so congested.  Her coughs are croup-ish but she's doing okay.  I have a feeling once she is better she will be sleeping through the night.  She is also now saying `dadadadada' all the time. It's sooooo cute!! (see last 10 seconds)

I am pretty proud of myself for running.  I ran 6 km for two weeks in a row and this weekend I will attempt a 7.5 km run.  I wish I could run more often but Gary is gone pretty much every evening and the sun sets by 4:30 pm.  I wish I had more time to just exercise in general but that will come.
I have committed to just one session per week so that I have more time for family and exercising.  I've said this before and am getting better and better each year.   We only `need' a certain amount of money so why would I work for more when that takes away from our family?  The hard thing is, when I work more, we have more money to do fun family things...oh the balance!

We have booked our Spring Break trip and are heading back to Ucluelet/Tofino for 4 days and then doing Green Lake with my sister Maria and her family.  It's our yearly tradition and keeps us under $1,000 with ferries, hotels, gas and food..  

We have decided to add Chiang Mai, Thailand to our SE Asia Trip in July.  We will have three weeks and go to Thailand and the Philippines.  Most people think we are crazy taking three kids with one being a baby.  I know it will be hard, especially the LONG travel days, but we can do it!  If you have any experience flying 16 hours with a baby, let me know:)  Also, is it best to book international flights early or closer to?  I've started looking at prices and they haven't changed much in the last few months.   Anyone wanna join us?:)
And, some exciting news that I can finally share!!  My littlest sister is pregnant!  Her daughter Hannah just turned one in December and she is due with #2 in July.  I'm excited and hope baby stays in a bit longer than her due date so I can be here for her birth!
{My niece, Hannah, is going to be a big sister!}

I guess I should include something about Gary too.  His basketball team won their first league game last night.  He had hoped that they would win so that was good!  He is also running the 10 km race in February so he is trying to run more as well....I think he's just up to 5 km right now.

Okay, better go!  Hope you are having a good day.


PS Koen is funny.  When I asked him on his birthday if he felt any different being four, this is what he said:
`I'm not afraid of anything anymore!  Not even of ghostes' (I know how to spell ghosts, that's how he says it).
Me: Koen, please finish your dinner.
Koen: Don't worry about it, sweetheart.


  1. We did lots of flying when Micah was a baby. My biggest suggestion is that you bring along lots of snacks on travel days. Pockets filled with cheerios and the like can really help while waiting in security line-ups, immigration lines, etc. And do what you can ahead of time to help your baby get used to sleeping with lots of noise, and in different places, not just her own bed. That will help a lot! And PRAY! :)

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    My husband and I did a big Europe trip and found that it was best to book in advance (we booked 10 months early). Flights oversees are always very expensive and don't really go down all that much. Sounds like an amazing trip you are going on!!


  3. I've also found that booking early for international travel is best. I used to book a few months in advance. This last trip to Mozambique, I didn't book early and I REALLY paid for it! Once I hit about the month before I left mark, my fare increased nearly $800 overnight! They say that booking online on Tues/Wed is best for the cheapest fares (weekend is the worst). I've usually found this to be true. Good luck- so exciting! Nancy

  4. PS- You're not crazy at all for taking a trip like this. While I lived in Mozambique, I saw many families with young kids come for 2-3 week visits, and I saw their kids' lives transformed by the experience. I highly recommend it, and those families said the same. It was worth the challenges.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Your spring break plans sound wonderful - I love Vancouver Island.