Monday, January 21, 2013


TIRED!!!!  Nya just had two ridiculous nights in a row of eating every 2-3 hours.  We pack her full of food during the day but I'm assuming it's a growth spurt or because of recent developmental changes?  Whatever it is, I'm so tired.  Oh please let her sleep tonight!!!  And by sleep, I just ask for 5 hours in a row.  I think that is what makes me nervous about our `big trip', it's Nya.  Please tell me she'll be sleeping by then!!!!

I'm also training for a 10km race that takes place in 4 weeks and I can't wait for it to be done.  I've decided it's not my thing at this point in my life...I've done about thirty 10 km races in my life but I've never done one after three kids, with an autoimmune disease and while breastfeeding a baby.   Too much.  5km is great and feels good but anything more feels like it takes away from energy reserves that I need.  Yesterday I did 8.8km.  The hardest were km's 5-7.  Hopefully next weekend is better, otherwise, not sure I will actually do the race.  Not worth it to make my body feel so `off'. 
This is the typical pre dinner scene; Kai reading his book from school, Koen racing cars, Nya safe in her jumperoo:)
Nya is now rolling and worming all over the house.  She's trying to crawl but really just pushes herself backwards all over the house.  I have no idea how I will be able to leave the room now:)  With all the kids legos and mini cars etc, it's not safe for her!
I gave her a pancake and she just ate it.  What?! Crazy.  She also had salmon and couscous this weekend.   On that note, one night we had maple glazed salmon and the other we had beer braised pork.  Yum.  Love having Gary home.  Love meat.  Love good food.
I wish you could see her dress, it was cute:)  Yesterday we went to Lauren's baptism.  So great.  Can't wait for Lauren and Nya to start playing together in 6 months or so.
Everyone has strict instructions to feed Nya as much as possible.  Kai loves it.  He loves `Cutie' (as he calls her) so much.  He is really good with her.   He `babysat' her in his bedroom for 1/2 hour on Saturday.  We just put her in a laundry basket with toys and she was safe:) 

And, wow, my hormones are crazy.  Normally when you breastfeed as much as I am now, you don't get your period but my body is out of control.   I feel like a 15 year old all over again.  I get super irritable, angry, stressed etc.  I realized when we were booking plane tickets that I haven't felt stress like that in a while...and then my iPhone was causing me problems...and then I couldn't find the kids passports...and all of those things made me feel overwhelmed when normally it's not a problem.  So ya, I hope my hormones figure themselves out soon.  

I hope you have a good week!  I accidentally did the first load of laundry without soap so this could be a long day...

Love, Louise


  1. I am giggling at this post because I can relate to it on every level. Hope your day gets better! :)

  2. i hope your day improves and you're able to have a bit of down time!
    the weekend menu sounds like it was amazing!

  3. Marsalie-giggling that you also have the sleep deprivation or the crazy hormones? Hope you guys are doing well!!

  4. Kelly-Gary's cooking is amazing. I love it. Yay for husbands that cook:)

  5. Both. My little man is waking every 2-3 hours lately too. :(. And I am so forgetful and hormonal. I feel like a crazy woman sometimes! I also wanted to say something about your running. I think you are doing amazingly well to already be running almost 9 km. Don't give it up just because you have finished your race, but take it easy on yourself. You have such a little one at home and your body is going through some crazy changes. Before getting pregnant with Micah, I was running 10km a few times a week. I am not a runner at all, but it was much easier to get out when the kids are a bit bigger and your body has stabilized. I have only run once since Micah's birth and 5km nearly killed me. Take it slowly!!! I hope to get back into again soon, but I am not ready yet.

  6. Oh and I am jealous that you have a husband that is home by 4:30. I am "lucky" if Johnny is home by 6:30. Cooking for me? I wish!!! But, he is amazing at providing for our family and keeping me sane, so it is all good.

  7. bachelor will def. help.

  8. I'm sorry that you're so tired. Lack of sleep is hard!! I think that you are doing incredible for running while Nya is so little. I didn't begin to feel like myself until the boys had weaned and I didn't start running regularly until they were 2! Be proud of all you are doing!!!
    I don't know about you, but sometimes I still hold myself accountable to the things I could do before kids and wonder why things are more challenging. When I set different standards, I often feel better:)
    Here's hoping to a good sleep tonight!

  9. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I love the picture of onion feeding Nya!!!