Wednesday, January 16, 2013

China, Pickle, China, Pickle

*I can never think of a'll understand it towards the end**

There is something so cute about about a baby in jeans, a hoodie and boots!!!!  It helps when her eyes are gorgeous:)  I love my little sweetie pie.  She is awesome.  I felt the same way about the boys and I love having this feeling back.  When they get older, they get a little more..uh, annoying (at times) and smelly and they fight and say `no'.  I still love them the same but their overall cuteness factor is kept in check.

{So bald.  Her brothers were too.  So was I.}

Last night was her best night sleep ever.  8 hours. Awesome.  Of course I had way too much caffeine to keep me functioning yesterday so I was up until 1am.  Still, 5.5 hours of straight sleep for me was AWESOME. 

Funny things Koen has said this week:
`Mommy that shadow is scary.  Oh wait, I'm four now.  It's not scary.'

Me: A pattern is when something repeats like `red, blue, red, blue'
Koen:  I have one!  China, Pickle, China, Pickle

Kai is now such a bookworm.  He walks around the house reading.  He's currently reading `Nate the Great' (one book each night)  and `Horrible Harry' (I think that's the name). I love reading and I really enjoy seeing him loving it too!!

Gary is exhausted and tired and not loving life as much right now.  He's just too busy and getting older.  I won't say much more as Gary is more private but basketball is not ideal when kids don't give 100%.   

Kay, it's work time! Better get to it!


PS I ran 7.4 km on the weekend and it didn't feel too bad!  I'm working on my distance first and then I have to figure out how I'm going to do hills.  I have one month left now before our 10 km race.  My goal?  To finish it:)  


  1. Yes, very cute outfit on Nya. I remember my boys reading "Nate the Great," in fact, my middle son was Nate the Great one year for Hallowe'en.

  2. We laughed out loud at the Koen quotes!

  3. such a cute outfit for your little cutie :)
    and i'm with ali - you'll totally rock the 10k :)