Friday, January 25, 2013

Post Dinner Antics

I do love the antics after dinner.  Reminds me of being a kid.   When we were little, we would turn the lights off and run the loop around the house chasing each other.

Kai's teacher told me today how much he adores his siblings.  I know. I love it.  Please let them love each other and remain close forever!!  After dinner is when there is the most `love' and craziness flying around.  I guess because we are all around. 
Koen's preschool teacher told me yesterday that Koen should be put in drama.  I know.  He loves it.  I'm glad they do a lot of acting stuff in his preschool.  Yesterday he was Mama Bear (from Goldilocks).
All three got their flu shots today.  My sister, Jackie, is a Public Health Nurse, so she was able to do it.  Not sure how much they love her anymore....just kidding.  Koen was amazing and wanted to show how brave he was and asked to go first.  What a monkey.  

 I won't talk about how ridiculous Nya was last night. I'm thinking that I don't have enough milk right now.  Well, when you are breastfeeding someone 7 times a day, how do you have any left?!
Kai loves to hold Cutie and feed her and play with her.  Kai is also huge.  I don't know when he grew but suddenly I had to put a bunch of pants away as they looked like capris and he couldn't do up the waist button.

If anyone knows about EC (elimination communication) I will tell you that I've sort of started it with Nya because she has been so successful with it.  For those that don't care about bodily functions, please skip this sentence:  She has pooped on the toilet every single time I put her on (about 3 times a day) within about 30 seconds. It's wild.  She loves it.
Koen went to the dentist.  No cavities. He did so well and eagerly awaited his prize (a truck).   He is such a chatterbox and talks everyone's ear off everywhere we go.  I love his confidence and hope it stays!
Nya's first time sitting in a grocery cart.  With a huge germ protector:)

What else is new?
1.  I got to talk to a Family Studies class about Natural Family Planning.  You know, ovulation, cervical fluid, all that jazz.  They liked it. I loved it.  I have realized that although I really do like photography and I LOVE that I can be a work at home mom, I miss teaching.  I LOVE teaching.  I LIKE photography.  You know?  I LOVE biology.  I LIKE aperture/lenses/lightroom/bokeh etc.   

2.  I am 100% booked until mid August.  I'm liking the once/week session and it's totally doable.  Less money for us this year but that also means less stress and more family/me time.

3.  I've been back at my old Book Club for a few months now. I love it.  I have missed reading.  It's the cheapest vacation I can take.  I just read `The Kitchen House' and loved it. So good. So sad.  Would be a great movie.  

4.  I've booked another flight....eek!  So fun.  The Cebu, Philippines to Bangkok, Thailand portion, if anyone is interested.   I just got the most direct one to save us about 8 hours and that one had a promo price too.  Hotels are going to be a bit tricky with a family of 5 as most are made for 2 travellers it seems.  I'm using and it seems to have great prices.  I'm so excited about our trip and can't wait to go.  Just, oh, five more months:)  We've been eating Thai or Filipino food every week now to get ourselves excited for some yummy food.  We love our food!!  I hope Nya loves her food too...

5.  I know I CAN run 10 km but I emailed and asked them to put me in the 5 km group.  I will just do a 10 km race next year.  I have a photo session the same day as the 10 km race so that would be too much.  Plus, the last run I did was really hard on me.  I wasn't sore afterwards, I was just so drained of energy.  One day.  Gary is still signed up for the 10km:)

All right, better get editing here....Babes is sleeping and Koen is playing cars....


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    awesome!! vicky went to the dentist yesterday too! she did soo well:) and yes, waited so patiently for the prize!! where did you get their flu shots? Erin

  2. Erin, I just added the info but my sister Jackie is a public health nurse. You can call the Surrey Public Health and book an appointment. I've put it off for way too long. Half of Koen's preschool class is sick with the flu and I don't want it!!

  3. PS Glad that vicky did so well too! You never know what's going to happen:)

  4. o man! I'm so glad that they are teaching the natural family planning in school now! I was going to write a letter to the school board about all that jazz! I was so boggled why I was only learning the detailed stuff at 26 yrs old! haha
    and what is this elimination communication?! that sounds amazing!

  5. Heidi, I know, I even went through a biology degree and didn't learn about it until I was 26!

    As for EC, all I do is put Nya on the toilet right after a nap. I just hold her in the seated position with her butt nice and low. She automatically pees or poops immediately. it's so crazy! I'm sure there is more to it as I haven't really looked into it but I have several friends that do it. Today she just used one diaper all day!