Thursday, January 17, 2013

Freaking Out A Little (Lot)

We just booked our tickets to the Philippines and Thailand.  I've been so stressed about it so we finally just did it.  There are still 4 more flights that we need to purchase (just short ones throughout SE Asia) which won't be more than $1,000 total, and only 1-4 hours each, so I'm not worried about those ones.  For now.

I'm not stressed about the money (I haven't worked my butt off for nothing!) but I'm stressed because about 95% of people think we are crazy.  I know it will be tough.  I know.  If I wanted life to be easy, we'd never go an hour from home:)  But what kind of life is that?  I want the kids to see the whole world out there.  I want them to see beyond their own home/community. When I went to Africa, it changed me so much.  I know they are young but hopefully this isn't the only big trip we do.  I would love to be able to take them to Africa and South America too...just have to save 5 years between trips.  Besides, we save about $1500.00 taking Nya before she's two:)

And yes, it would've been `easier' to travel without them but there is no way I could leave them for 3 weeks.  I've never been away from the boys for more than 3 days.  Nya? 4 hours:)   Besides, who would watch them?

I know it's often harder to take the kids along when we even do day trips (ex. snowshoeing) BUT seeing their joy in just the little things, brings me joy.  It will be crazy.  It will be wild.  It will be exhausting! It will be memorable.   Maybe we should drive for 20 hours straight to practice:)

What's next on the list?
1.  Nya and Gary's passports
2. Immunizations
3.  Book flights in SE Asia
4.  Book hotels

Oh ya.
5.  Figure out what camera and lens(es) to take:) ha.

Love, Louise


  1. I think it is weird that anyone is giving you a hard time!! Seriously, traveling with kids is amazing. You have to like (a) traveling and (b) your kids in order to enjoy traveling with kids, I think. You've got those covered.

    In my honest opinion? People are far too afraid to try stuff with their kids in tow. The benefit for their kids' minds and memories and world view, not to mention the FUN they would have, would make it all worth it. The cross continental airplane rids are never fun, kids or no kids. At least having them there will make the time go by because you'll be busy =)

    I've traveled on an airplane ALONE with two kids and PREGNANT (to Regina) and it was totally fine. I was tired!!! Lol! But I didn't think twice about actually doing it. Also, we came back from Thailand with TWO toddlers, one of whom we had barely met. I know if we survived that, we (and you) can do anything.

    We are planning the same trip you are planning, for the following summer. It doesn't faze me at all. I think you're awesome, but I wouldn't even call you brave. It's cool! =) If that makes sense. My parents never left us to go on vacations so the concept is foreign to me. It makes me feel kind of sad and lost to think of going away for that long without my kids. A weekend? SURE! But a week or longer? No way. The whole time I would wish they were there so I could share it with them.


  2. oh, and congrats on booking flights! =) big step.

  3. I am among the 5% that don't think you're are awesome to be giving your family these memories and adventures:) I used air asia to book some of the south-east flights and got some good deals:)

  4. I happen to be part of the 5% who think what you are doing is awesome. The fact that you know it won't be easy but you want to do it anyways makes you so much better prepared!

    I have people tell me all the time that us travelling with our kids is crazy, but that's because they've never even attempted it. So how would they know!? Other people tell me it's pointless because they won't remember,ber it. But I will remember it and the memories will be with me forever.

    So just be as prepared as you can and jump in with both feet! You are going to have any amazing time!

    Ps - if you want to read a good book about a family travelling with 3 kids around the world check out 'One Yer Off.' I really enjoyed it. In fact,I have it if you want to borrow it!

  5. Well, now it looks like only 75% of people think we are crazy:) ha.
    Mandeep-that is what we are planning on using! Or Cebu Pacific, we'll see. SO much cheaper once you are there!!!

  6. nope, cool by me. My parents travelled with a 7, 6, 5 and 3 month old for almost two years, three continents. Okay, so they ARE crazy, but different reasons.


  7. Not crazy at all, you will have an amazing time!... yes the flights are long but do-able! Im not sure if Nya would fit, but for long haul flights they have baby cots that fold out from the bulkhead so they can lie down safely and sleep and you can have your hands free! Might want to call the airline and ask about that because it could save you a lot of time and energy.
    We used air asia as well and they were good for a basic airline. Some of our flights were $8 plus taxes but werent none were over $100! Cant wait to hear about your trip!