Sunday, December 30, 2012


Today we went up to Seymour to go snowshoeing!  Gary, Kai and I got our own snowshoes last year and then this year I also bought some for Koen.  We totally do not go enough to get our money's worth but oh well.  If you would like to borrow them, let me know!  They are currently being borrowed until Jan. 2nd:)

We left at 8:30am and got up there by 9:15am.  We had to park soooooooo far from the trailhead.  Lame.  It was a sunny day but I didn't know it would be that busy.  We would've gone on a weekday but `someone' has basketball practice tomorrow.  Anyway...
{Minutes before falling asleep}
The boys were excited to be in snowshoes and Nya seemed comfortable (and warm) enough in the Ergo.  After about 10 minutes of walking alongside the parked cars, Koen had enough and laid down.  Great.  
It took a lot of perseverance (and two granola bar breaks) but after 45 minutes, we reached the trailhead.  We only hiked in the forest for about 15 minutes.  So beautiful in there.  We needed to head back as Ms. Nya was going to need to eat soon and the boys were so done.  Koen also had a `lister' as he calls them (blister).  At this point Koen just walked in his boots.
So, we hiked the 30 minutes down hill back to our van.
{Go Koen Go!}
I'm glad we persevered.  It was not super fun but it was so beautiful out there and so good to get some fresh air.  Nya did SO well.  She actually fell asleep as we were walking back.  I had sold Koen's baby snowsuit which would have fit her perfectly so she was crammed into a 0-6 month one but it worked and she was nice and warm.
I love our Ergo.  I had her in it for almost 2 hours and it was so fine. It helps that she's probably only 17lbs:) As we left the mountain, the cars were lined all the way up the whole road and there was a 2 hour wait to get a parking spot!
Last night we walked  to Tim Hortons to get a donut.  I can tell you that not one sprinkle was wasted on Koen. That kid.  Wow.  He is a vacuum cleaner/garburator.  Kai  now savours food. Kai is huge and I don't know when that happened.

And, before I forget to include them, here are some pictures from our Chapman Christmas aka Christmas #3.
{The cousin table}
{Koen checking out `Angel Judy/Grandma' attached to grandpa's helmet}
{Grandma with Nya.  Nya just wanted to eat her bracelet.   It used to make me sad every time I saw Judy with our kids because I thought of what my mom was missing out on.  However as time passes I am just more thankful for the role that Gary's parents play in our kids lives}
{Nya loves her new doll.  Well, she loves eating it.}
{I know I'm dorky but we've always had `school books' around for the kids.  They love them.  I love that they love it:)  I usually get them from Costco and we usually do them over the holidays.  Kai got a new Grade 2 one today.}
{Kai loves teaching Koen}

And this is what our evenings look like.  Every. Single. Night.  This is just a snippet and it's usually much rougher.  It usually goes on from 5:30-6:30pm. 

So ya, it has been busy!!  How is it New Years Eve tomorrow already? I used to have such big plans for it, and now?  Not so big.  We always go out for dinner as a family and then Gary and I watch a movie at home.  Boring but good guess.  We almost had a party once but then we got sick.  

So much to be thankful for this year.  So much.

Oh yes, I must add that I ran 6 km's on Thursday!  Go me!  I'm still sick but I'm getting there!

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!

Love, Louise


  1. yay! good job on the run:) and we'd LOVE to borrow your snowshoes sometime! glad to hear you're also feeling better.

  2. Is your husband wearing shorts in the snow?

  3. i guess when the sun comes out for the first time in FOREVER on a saturday, people go a little crazy :) Glad you got out there though!
    that video...oh man :) So that's life with two boys, hey? So different here ;)
    YAY 6k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. great work on the 6km, i could not do that after xmas holidays - isnt it icy? also, nyas grey & pink hat (i think kitten) is adddooorable. love that all the kids have ear flaps on their hats. such a fun family outing:)

  5. Thanks for the I know my boys are normal :)

  6. i love that picture of judy and nya. precious.

  7. I just got caught up on your blog. So sorry you were so crappy sick, man that puke fest going around was SHITTY!!!

    Riley goes to the same preschool, dude. We had our concert at the same location with the same teachers, at a different time. Riley was Joseph too. =) Lol!

    Nya is so cute. So glad she's easy going and yeah, I'm with you on loving the boy energy over the girl whiny. I used to want four girls but jeeperzzz am I thankful I got what I did =)

    Your boys are awesome pants and I admire their tenacity with the snowshoes. Riley is a whiny BEAST in situations like that and Amarys is impossible.

    Miss you! We should get together soon. xo.