Monday, June 04, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a good weekend. Let's be honest, when Gary is home, it's a billion times easier! The days were long this past week when I had the three kids, the rain was out in full force (no trampoline time) and I was unable to drive (can't drive for 2 weeks post C-section). This week will be MUCH better. I already took all three kids to the park today and it felt so good!
I feel so good physically. I just can't lift anything heavier than 10lbs (or vacuum) and I'm trying to be really, really good with this. I can walk really well though and have been going out each day.
Koen is starting to be a bit more work. One day he just stuck beside me all day talking and talking and talking. So exhausting. He likes to make a mess. He likes to sneak food. He likes to bug Kai. Maybe that's just what 3 year olds are like. Right before Nya was born he started peeing his pants. Crazy that after a year he decided to start doing that. Well, we started giving him m+m's for going on the toilet again and haven't had an accident since Nya has been home. We have since phased out the m+m's. Phew. He loves his baby sister. He'll just look at her and say, `She's so beautiful!'. Kai says he wants more babies in our house so he's loving it too.

Kai got to participate in the school's ball hockey tournament this weekend and he was in heaven. He was the youngest but I'm glad they let him in. He also scored once which he was pretty pumped about. I love seeing/hearing about something that he loves so much. He gets to go to soccer camp at our church this summer too which he is sooooo looking forward to.
{Next year we'll put a team together with his buddies and get Gary to coach or something.}

Nya is still a pretty easy baby! She is easily calmed and only cries when she has to poop. Unfortunately, she poops a lot. Like, 3 times in 1.5 hours this morning. My favourite part is that when I feed her at night (usually takes about 15 minutes), I can change her and put her right back down to sleep. So nice. I hope this never changes!! She is generally up every 2-4 hours in the night but as long as she goes back to sleep, I don't mind. I took her for a walk in the bjorn today and she loved it, she fell asleep right away. If she is up for more than an hour at a time she gets too overstimulated and can't sleep. Then, I just feed her a bit more and generally that calms her down enough.
{An outtake from photos...Kai would love to be able to breastfeed Nya and is frequently lifting up his shirt around her.}

Yesterday we went to church and to Costco and it felt so good to be normal! It seems like we suddenly have so many kids when we are out:) So far, this adjustment has been (dare I say it?), pretty easy. Nya wore her first dress to church and I said to Gary, `Don't you think her outfit is so cute?!' and he replied, `Uh, no?'. He's going to have to learn a better response to that one.

Saturday we took some newborn photos. It was mostly Gary and I taking turns with Nya. So, so tiring but I really don't want to miss a moment:) Looking forward to finishing editing them but here's a few.
{Look, Gary being soft and sweet:) He does have that side, folks!}

My blood pressure has come down so thank you for your prayers! Now, just to get my thyroid tested this week to make sure it is behaving so far.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. Louise that picture of you and Nya is gorgeous! Framer!

  2. Love that Kai wants to be able to breastfeed :)

  3. Beautiful photos of you both with Nya! And glad to hear that things are going well.

  4. xxoo love it. =) glad your Bp is down! phew! And you HAVE to let me post that photo of Kai trying to breastfeed on MC. People would LOVE IT. I do too. lol. (I'm joking obviously you don't HAVE to but if you did it would be cool)

  5. ooo they look like such protective big brothers! so amazing!