Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Join Me?

All right, so, next week I will be 6 weeks post surgery and allowed to run! I am planning on doing a plan like this and see how I like it. I think I usually ran 5km about 8-9 weeks after each of the boys were born so this should be no problem as the 5km wouldn't be until about 12 weeks after Nya was born.

My question is, who wants to do this with me? Anyone? It doesn't mean we run together (unless you want to!), it just means that you stick to a program like this. I can tell you now that my `cross train' days will just be days that I go for a walk:)

And then, on August 11th (`Race Day' which would be a Saturday, not the Sunday), we could do a 5km run! This is one that I found somewhat locally. Run for prostrate cancer in West Vancouver...I love a nice run along the water! You don't have to sign up for this run, I just know I do best when I have something to train for and a plan in place.

Or, we could just do our own 5km along the Fort to Fort Trail or something.

Any takers? No worries if no one is in, I'm still going to do it!

Yahoo, I/we get to start next week:)
Love, Louise


  1. I'm in too! I won't be there for the celebratory 5km run, but I'm still in.

  2. I'm in
    Let me know when ever you are heading out I can join you half way. (I'm back in town around the 12th)

  3. Thinking about it..