Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday with Sisters

On Sunday we went out to Mission for Jack's baptism. Jan and Doug's church is pretty small so when my sisters and our families all came, the population of kids in the church probably doubled:) When we are together, I really realize how crazy it is that we all have babies. Well, Maria's will be coming sometime this week:) My prediction? A 8lb 14oz boy.
{Jackie, Isaac and Tyler}
{Trish and Hannah}
{Maria 39 weeks pregnant with two of her three girls; Kenzie and Ani}
{Jan, Doug, Sami and Jack}
After the baptism, we had lunch at Jan and Doug's place and the kids played and pigged out. It was great. I love hanging out with my family. You would think we'd be sick of each other after yesterday but we still had our weekly play date this morning:)

Then, after Sunday's lunch, I had my first photo session in 7 weeks! It went well and I'm looking forward to editing them! I have a feeling my turnaround time (usually one week) will double now. It was great because we had the session in Mission so I just fed Nya and then Gary took all three kids geocaching at the same park.
Kai Bear loves pictures with his baby sister. We actually call her `baby sister' a lot. Here is her cute Sunday outfit. I bought it at a garage sale and the total outfit was $6.00.
I know I'm ridiculous but isn't it cute? Yup, jeggings. I think babies can do that. And the white dress? Oh man, it's so cute and I'm sad it will only fit her a few more weeks...

Okay, now some funny comments from the boys:
Kai (out of nowhere): Mommy, when are you going to help me find the perfect wife?

Koen (after teaching him not to step on insects): Mommy, I just high fived an ant! Do you think that's a nice thing to do?

Koen: Baby sister's dress is marvelous! (Who says marvelous? So funny).


  1. it's SO great that you have so many babies/kids near the same age. they will LOVE it growing up!
    love the boys' sayings.
    glad your first session back went well! Looking forward to seeing them :)

  2. Oh man! Your boys are hilarious and Nya is adorable. Love that dimple!

  3. Love that outfit on Nya! Jeggings are awesome and I love white dresses! Adorable!

  4. sweetest outfit ever!!!! did you ever get sad when your boys cute outfits didn't fit anymore? probably not hey?! something about baby girl clothes...! Kai seems like such a little mature man!

  5. I also love Nya's dimple! Simply marvelous!

  6. Heidi-I passed on my boys clothes to my sisters so that I can see them on my nephews. Then it doesn't make me sad to get rid of them:)