Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

First, a Happy Father's Day to my dad. He is truly a unique guy and I like that. I never know what he's going to do next but I do know there are some things that never change. He loves a cup of coffee and a good conversation. I'm thankful that my dad is a sensitive guy and actually can talk about feelings. Whenever we need to make a big decision, I do check in with him as he has a lot of life experience and some great insight.
In regards to being unique, he really is. He has taken a jetski up to Alaska. He is currently getting his pilots license. He is an adventurer and he always has been. He took all 5 daughters fishing, on the West Coast Trail, and across Canada and the US in a camper. He balanced out my mom by being the playful one and the storyteller. He now tells my kids stories, the last one Kai asked me about was whether Opi really coached Jonathon Quick (goalie) and taught him everything he knows.
I am also thankful for my father in law. He is a wonderful grandpa to our kiddos and can always be counted on to take them in the hot tub. Dan and Judy warmly welcomed me into their family and I am very thankful for them and that Dan has been such a great fatherly example to Gary.
And now, for our very own Daddy Bear! Oh Gary. Since I first saw Gary with his nieces and nephews, way back when we first started dating (8 years ago), I knew he would be a great dad. He is.
He plays with the kids and is good at helping set up and put together all of their toys and lego and games.
He is an explorer and is great about getting the boys involved with the outdoors, especially geocaching.
He has the energy to play hours of hockey and to teach them the value of team work and passing.
He is adventurous and enjoys having the boys do things that are a little more adventurous than mommy would normally do:)
He is great about being physical with the boys. Wrestling, hugging, holding hands. He has worked on being better about telling them how much he loves them. He is really good at the wrestling and being a climbing apparatus for them.
He drives Kai to and from school every school day. Mommy Bear is thankful for this one!! It also allows them time to talk about sports and whatever else they love to talk about:)
He holds Nya and takes care of our baby girl. Somehow she always manages to fall asleep on his chest. I should say that somehow Gary always manages to fall asleep too:) Her first hour of life was spent skin to skin with her daddy.
He likes and encourages a little chaos while I like order. He is excellent at coming up with nicknames. Little Miss Nya does not have one yet...
He loves having the kids help him. In the garden, in the kitchen, in the garage. The boys love helping and I appreciate his patience with them.

He plays video games with Kai Bear and I'm glad because I don't. And seriously, Kai and Gary talk about sports all the time. Kai's sports knowledge is pretty amazing.

Gary, I am thankful that you are my partner in this parenting journey. You are an excellent father and we appreciate you! I would say more but it sounds like I'm needed in the next room:)

Louise, Kai, Koen and Nya

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