Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Weeks and Gary's Accident

Here is a picture showing what it's really like around here. I have a feeling Nya is going to be one tough girl!
Do you notice the bandaid by Gary's eye? He was on a bike trip on Saltspring Island this weekend with his outdoor leadership class. I always worry about him on these trips but for this trip I wasn't worried because I was just thinking about my own survival with the kiddos. Anyway, Gary got hit by a car. Yup, going down hill, the car turned right in front of him and Gary hit the car and went over it. He's doing okay but has a pretty sore shoulder and I'm sure could've used stitches by his eye. I'm thankful he's okay as it could've been so much worse. Also, I'm glad it wasn't a student that got hit as Gary can assess his own injuries quite well and he just seems more durable.
Miss Nya is now 3 weeks old! Her umbilical cord just came off today. I think that it's because it was such a huge cord that may be why it took so long. She is my most laid back and easy going baby. This doesn't mean she's super easy, but ya, I cannot complain at all. It's just tough getting her down at night to sleep but for her naps and through the middle of the night, she's great. She is so easily consoled by being held and is wonderful in the car and on walks. One thing I really noticed is that her body is so relaxed. Both of the boys would have so much gas pain (and Koen had reflux) that they would often be very rigid with pain...so nice to see that she is feeling good.
Last night she went to sleep at 8pm for the first time. I wish that was the new normal but oh well, as long as Gary is around, we take turns trying to get her down. Unlike her brothers, she can't just feed and feed to sleep as her belly is smaller and she just gets a tummy ache and spits up a lot of her milk.
She loves getting to know her family members and really enjoys looking at everyone. Kai loves spending time with her. He'll just lay beside her while she `punches' him. He tries to see if she'll hold objects. He has staring contests with her. It's cute:) I feel a bit bad that she doesn't get held as much because she just is so easy going!
Unattractive twin picture:)

From this weeks sister play date. Just 3 more weeks and Maria should have her baby with ours! As much as you might think it's chaotic, it's really not. The big kids play outside and then inside there's just a lot of breastfeeding and diaper changing going on:) We're going to be doing a full family photo session once all the babies are born, should be fun!

Hope you had a good weekend. I'm thankful that Gary is safe and sound. Maybe he just wanted some attention on this blog:)

Love, Louise


  1. Glad Gary's accident wasn't any worse. He sounds like one tough guy!

  2. Thank God Gary is ok! Miss Nya is so precious. She looks as sweet as you say she is :)

  3. awww I do see Kai in Nya when her eyes are open:) very adorable.

  4. Glad that Gary is okay.

  5. Nya is SO cute!!!
    Glad Gary's accident wasn't more serious!