Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi, I'm Nya!

Hi, I'm Nya! I'm still being pretty nice to my mommy. I settle down pretty easily after a feed, as long as I'm swaddled nice and tight AND as long as mommy hasn't spent too much time talking to me. Sometimes she can't help it, I think it's the combo of my eyes and dimples.

I'm a bit of a monkey between 9-11pm or so, and then I feed a few times throughout the night. Last night I did two 2 hour sleeps and one 4 hour one. Daddy just lays there snoring away like an animal that snores very loudly. It drives mommy crazy.
Mommy still hasn't put me in real people clothes! I've just been wearing newborn pj's. I spit up a lot so I go through a lot of them. I know that in a month or so, I will be sporting some pretty sweet clothes!

I still have my umbilical cord. Also, I'm a poop machine like my brothers and have about 6 poopy diapers a day. That's the only time I cry and I like to be held during that time (with my back being patted). Yesterday I weighed 8lbs 1oz so I'm gaining weight at a great speed.

Mommy is looking forward to driving next week so we can get out and have some fun with my brothers. My brothers are really sweet to me. They love to hold me, help me get changed, and hold my hand. Koen still refers to me as Nya Carla (after Carla Veloso from Cars 2).

My mommy's blood pressure and heart rate have been getting higher so the midwives are monitoring her. She doesn't know if it's from regular physiological changes post partum or if it's thyroid related. She's going for a thyroid test next week. If you could pray for my mommy's blood pressure and heart rate, I'd really appreciate it!

This is how I spend a lot of my day...swinging away, swaddled tightly.

I have to say that I am very loved. My mommy said that she feels so happy to be able to have a mother daughter relationship again. She says it has brought her so much healing from the loss of my oma. Mommy also hopes I'm a little bit better behaved than she was as a teenager, but, one day at a time!

Hope you are all doing well, I am!

Love, Nya


  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    she is sooooo sweet!! :) you are very blessed!!


  2. I just want to snuggle her!! She is absolutely precious :)

  3. She truly is beautiful Louise. I can only imagine the joy and healing she's brought- may this be the beginning of a deep and rich mother-daughter relationship for life. I'll be praying about your blood pressure and heart rate. My health has been quite "off" lately, so I know how that weighs and wears on a person.

  4. So happy for you :)
    Ps - I hope I'm blessed with a little girl someday!

  5. Loved this post from Nya!

  6. Oh hi Nya! You are pretty stinkin' cute...but I have a feeling you've heard that before. I'm so happy that your mommy gets to experience having a daughter. Let her know I'm praying for her. And keep up the cluster smart baby, you!

  7. sweet!! praying for your Bp...

  8. p.s. she looks SO MUCH like Koen its ridiculous. =)

  9. Oh my goodness she is absolutely adorable! When I look at your blog my uterus starts screaming! LOL.

    Enjoy her while she is bitty...


  10. Oh that last paragraph made me cry! Wow. How wonderful.