Wednesday, June 06, 2012


If you didn't see the newborn photos of Nya, you can see them here.
I'm headed to bed as last night I was irresponsible and stayed up until 11pm and then of course she was up from 12-2:30am which made my night ridiculously exhausting. I think I got 4 hours which wouldn't be bad but I don't nap during the day. She would stop crying if I held her but I didn't trust myself to sleep with her in my arms.

I've had a great time getting out of the house again. A couple of play dates, taking the kids to visit their grandparents, midwife visit etc. Nya is now 8lbs 11oz so she has almost gained a pound already. I on the other hand have lost just 20 out of 40lbs so have a long ways to go. It's tough when all you can do is walk. I know it's just been two weeks, but wow, my belly is going down a billion times slower than the last two times. Oh well. As long as it does eventually!

{The boys love taking turns holding her and I am obsessed with pink. I didn't realize how much I was living in a sea of blue for the last 5 years:)}

I had planned on having her in our room for 1-2 months but after last night, I don't think so. She grunts like a weight lifter after each feed and it drives me bonkers. Also, she will scream off and on which is digestion related. Got Biogaia drops today, hopefully they help. So tonight, she is in her crib.

Gary starts his holidays in 3 weeks and that will be awesome. I mean, he can't really do anything to help in the night time but at least he can keep the two big kids occupied during the day.

Okay, I better be responsible and go to bed. At 9pm. Who goes to bed at 9pm? Crazy. Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

PS Super cute...last night Kai was reading me some books (oh my goodness, he can read! Who knew? He even read the word `telescopes') and he read one to Nya too. He would read a page and then show her the pictures afterwards for about 5 seconds/page so she could really `see' it. I was really trying not to laugh. They do love her so much.


  1. What sweet big brothers :) Have a good sleep!

  2. Emma was in her room at day 3, because of her grunting! Yay for pro-biotic, grunty girls and pink dryer lint. We should get our girls together?!

  3. Glad things are going well so far, I love the newborn photos! Shes gorgeous. If it makes you feel better, we go to bed at 830 every night and we have no children! :)

  4. Your kids are so cute! I'm with Lynn, I am usually in bed by 9:00. Last week I think I even crawled in one night at 7:45.

  5. I love the story about Kai reading her a story!