Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kai's Love of Hockey

Our Kai Bear loves his hockey! I am a big ball hockey fan too and I can't wait to play as a family (well, Nya will have to sit out for a bit). I really haven't played much since university but I like to think I still have some skills:) If I don't play football in the fall, I definitely want to join a ball hockey league. Yesterday we took advantage of the weather and went to play.

Koen is just getting over the flu so he wasn't so into it and was pretty grumpy. And, just as a side note, Koen vomited onto our shag carpet that was supposed to last us about 2 more years. It really didn't survive the fish sauce and olive oil incident from last year (thanks to Koen) so there was no point in saving it now. So, we're going to be buying one this week.

The plan is too make Kai's 6th birthday invitations like a hockey card so I tried to take some photos of them playing. Not sure if there are any keepers but we will see! Anyway, here are few photos of Kai doing what he loves most...

{Please note that several times Gary hit the ball so it would end up just inches from hitting me. That's how he flirts with me, folks. I'm a very lucky girl.}

Oh, grumpy Koen!

Hope you are having a wonderful Canada Day long weekend! We're hoping to join in some festivities as long as the weather behaves.

Love, Louise

PS Nya may have slept 6 hours straight last night! Yahoo! And...she may have received another cute dress to wear tomorrow:)


  1. I love the shot of Kai through the net!

  2. pico f the dress please