Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cute Stretches and Stuff

How is life with three different than two? Just less free time and more laundry. I remember when we went from one to two kids, that was the main thing I noticed. I think once I start working again (in one week!) there will be no way that I can make dinner. Three kids + part time job from home = 10% chance that I will make dinner. Good thing Gary likes to cook.
When Nya is awake, she looks so much more like Kai's baby pictures. She is still our super baby. I was thinking yesterday that she hadn't had a growth spurt yet and then today, what happened? She ate every 2 hours. She spits up a lot. Not projectile like Koen but still, constant milk getting all over her clothes, face and hair so she always smells like sour milk.
She finally has some mini rolls on her thigh. Our dainty little girl, so funny to me:)
The boys have asked numerous times when we will have more babies. They love her so much, they want more!
And, a sequence that I love. The baby wake up and stretch (Koen always makes us stretch along with her). So, undo the swaddle...
Cute baby stretch that I love...
More stretches (picture Koen stretching beside her, making stretching noises)
And, take a little break.
The kids hanging out. How do we suddenly have three kids?! When they are all together, it looks like a lot:)
They are so gentle with her.
Daddy with his father's day gift of new shorts and shirt. Nya in her church outfit (that's a yawn, not a scream).
She falls asleep within 5 minutes of being in the bjorn.

This picture is hilarious because he reminds me so much of myself:)

What else is new?

We are planning a very exciting trip for 2013...South East Asia with the kiddos!

Have a good week!
Love, Louise


  1. How are you liking the baby Bjorn? Wondering if I should go that route or a double stroller for the next one.

    Ps - I am very intrigued about your travel plans!!!

  2. she's so gorgeous, louise! what a darling. and that trip sounds EXCITING!!!

  3. Carolyn, we used the bjorn for all three boys and LoVED it. We then use the ERgo when they are bigger. However, we also have a Schwinn Double stroller that I used about 5X a week for the last 3 years:) So, I think they are all super useful!

  4. LOVE the newborn baby stretches :)
    fun pictures of your family of 5!

  5. I love newborn stretches and squeaks! You are incredibly brave to be planning a trip like that with 3 children!