Saturday, June 23, 2012

One Month

I remember with Kai Bear the days went soooooooo sloooooooooooowly. He was a colicky baby and all I kept thinking was `Get to 6 weeks and it's supposed to get better'. Now? Oh wow, time is flying by! Nya turned one month old yesterday.
Nya's schedule is so consistent and yet is at that lovely flexible stage where you can take her anywhere and she'll just nap there. She eats every 3 hours 24/7. There is usually one 4 hour block in the night. I haven't pumped a full feed yet but it really feels like she eats about 2/3rds what the boys would. Maybe it's because she's smaller? They would eat like they were starving. She eats like it's no big deal and is so relaxed. Actually, she's relaxed all the time:)
I don't know how much she weighs but we'll find out on Tuesday. I'm assuming she's about 10lbs. For some reason, she just seems so long to long and lean girl just like, uh, no one in our family:)
She is definitely a lot more alert during her awake time and loves looking at people. She is a bit strange in that from day 1, she would eat for about 10 minutes and then when she was done, she would just lay down and grunt for about 10 minutes. She still does this now. I don't know why she needs to grunt when she's pooping (it's just a liquid) but she does. Every. Single. Time. This is why she sleeps in her crib in her own room.
Her favourite way to be comforted is to be held. She will currently fall asleep within 5 minutes in the bjorn, maybe 1 minute in the car, and again, just a few minutes in the stroller. Oh, I do love this! We just time our outings, going to the park, etc, for when she's due for a nap. This means I get less down time but it just works well.

The boys love her like crazy. Koen's job is to get diapers and take the dirty ones to the garbage. Kai's job is to help `play' with her when I need to do something and she's a bit fussy. He also likes picking her headbands:)

Physically, I am feeling quite well. I am SO tempted to start running this week so we will see. I do have some sciatica which has returned. Also, from the C-section, I still have numbness (no feeling) on a region of my lower back (let's be honest, it's my butt) which I never had before. I have been walking for about 30-45 minutes a day for two weeks now and it feels good. I am so, so tired and realized it coincided with me stopping my iron so I'm back on it again. In regards to my weight, I've plateaued with a good 15lbs to lose. I really just want to fit in my clothes again as I'm so ready to move past maternity ones. In really good news, my thyroid levels are totally normal right now!!! I just need them to stay this way for about 7 more months and I'd say that I'm in the clear.

So ya, things are good. Looking forward to possibly getting a longer stretch of sleep at some point but really, I can't complain!

So thankful for this house and all the people in it:)

Love, Louise

PS My sister Maria is due in just one week!!


  1. super sweet! Glad you're feeling well and your levels are good :)

  2. Nya is adorable and she sounds like such a contented baby! How nice for you!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling well! Your motivating me to et out and walk more... What's my excuse!?

  4. I can't believe she is a month already! Time does fly by. Glad you got a well behaved little one:) Makes things a lot easier!