Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stress and Good Stuff

Wow. So, I've been a bit stressed.

With the boys, I had a month off before they were born to relax and rest up. This time, not the case. I am working full time for the next three weeks trying to get all caught up with weddings before the baby is born. It's one thing to edit all throughout the day/night but it's another to do that while still keeping the house decently clean and the kids entertained/fed/disciplined and trying to get exercise in daily. So ya, a bit busy round here. That's one down side of being self employed. Oh ya, and not having a year maternity leave! I'll have one month:(

Other stresses?

Well, I paid the wrong Mastercard bill. I paid our old card instead of our newer one which means we were late a payment which I have never done in my whole life. Our old Mastercard is mailing us a cheque to return the money. Pregancy brain.

Revenue Canada sent me a reassessment asking for even more money. After several phone calls it became clear that I had to pay double the CPP because normally your employer pays it and I am my employer. It costs so much money to have such a small business making such little money. Makes me want to not do everything `by the book' but I have to follow rules:)

But, there's a lot of good stuff too. Like....

1. Kai had Grandparents Day at school. Gary's parents made it and my dad did too! I was so happy that my dad showed up, it was a surprise to me, and I think he enjoyed it. He also got to meet Kai's `fiance'. I don't think I've talked about her before but him and Lauren are planning on getting married eventually. I've met her, I approve:) I do have a picture of her whispering into Kai's ear which is oh so cute but I generally don't post pictures of other people' s kids. You'll just have to trust that it's very cute.
Thanks for coming, grandparents! It means a lot to me.

2. I am 35 weeks pregnant. If I do have a C-section, it will be May 22nd which is in JUST 27 SLEEPS. I feel good. Tired, but good. I can't believe that I will have three kids by next month. I can't wait to meet my little/big girl! Praying I stay healthy as I am not doing a C-section with a cold ever again. Totally in denial that my Graves' could be back in 2 months...
{Yay for comfy pants. Don't think I can wear anything but work out pants for the next month.}

3. Today we had student led conferences. Kai got to show us everything that he has been working on all year from his journals, to stations, to skipping etc. I know I'm a bit biased but he is really a wonderful kid. He is so helpful and has such a gift for teaching (mostly evident in his relationship with Koen). I love him so much and I love that he still snuggles with me. Five year olds are pretty cool.

4. I am so happy that there should be decent weather on Saturday. It is the wedding I am most nervous for and rain would stress me out so much. Please, please, please let it be nice!

5. I get to go to the midwife and for a massage tomorrow. Should be good! I'm going to try to get a half hour massage every week til babe gets here. Might as well!

Have a good night.
Love, Louise

PS Thanks for the cabinet handle advice! You'll just have to wait and see what we chose:)


  1. Enjoy your massage today - you deserve it!

  2. Oooh, hang in there, Louise! It does sound like there is some busyness going on there, so I hope today's massage helps you get some rest and relaxation today. Praying the weather stays nice for you on Sunday!
    you are looking great :) fantastic baby belly!

  3. Love the baby belly - cannot wait to meet my little niece:) three cheers for massages and relaxation

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    are you not incorporated?? if you are simply declaring self employment income, paying CPP and paying personal income tax rates you should REALLY look into incorporation. no cpp, corporate rates of 11% and tax free dividends up to roughly 41.5K per year if you even need that much.

  5. Wow!! Louise, you look FABULOUS!!!!!! Good for you!!! I hope you are feeling well considering you're ALMOST going to meet your little girl!!!!!!!

  6. I made a mistake with the MC bill one month and when I called and explained what happened, they had grace- there's nothing to lose by trying! But, you've maybe tried that already. Those things are SO frustrating!

    You are looking fabulous- praying for supernatural energy to get through the weddings and editing.

  7. Anonymous8:07 AM

    you can opt out of ccp, period