Thursday, April 19, 2012

Koen's School Work

Koen decided that he would like to be like his big brother and have some `school books' so I found this one which teaches how to write letters. Koen's drawings/writings are just spots and lines. Usually he has no interest in drawing real pictures or letters. He just likes playing with colours. Anyway, he loves when we do school work:) He knows all of his letters (and their sounds) and many numbers (even numbers like 25 and 99, that's from shopping prices) but hasn't shown interest in writing them at all. Until now. Now he feels like a big boy.

{Possibly a leftie like his brother?}
{This is his `Aren't you proud of me, mommy?' face.}
{Kai loves watching Koen learn and usually gives him a lot of encouragement. This is one of Kai's two faces. It's either serious and focused or it's this.}
We have three weddings coming up and for some reason I feel some anxiety about them. I feel nervous about how my body will do with it. I feel nervous about the long, long days. I feel nervous that I will be frazzled as I'm a bit more emotional these days. Fortunately the last one we are doing should be the easiest as it's at locations we are super familiar with and with a couple that we know the most out of the three.

Today I took Koen to the locations of the church and photos for this weekend as I just wanted to familiarize myself with where they were, time lines etc. I would not usually do this (especially spending an hour getting over that Port Mann...grrrr) but I thought that if it would relieve some anxiety, I should do it. I think it's mostly that I want to have everything all caught up by the time babe is here so I can just relax and enjoy our family of 5. Or really, so that it won't be so tough when I'm in newborn survival mode:)

It's strange that I don't have maternity leave this time. It's tough in the sense that I have to make an average of $500/month for our finances to be totally okay. I know I can do this, and it shouldn't be hard, it's just...I don't know, pressure. I know everything will be fine, I'm just tired:)
So ya, this weekend's wedding photo location is super nature-y so hopefully the weather behaves. It's supposed to be cloudy which would actually be terrific. This is the Old Mill Site in Port Moody in case you were wondering:)

Tomorrow I'm taking some newborn photos of my little nephew, Jack. He did go home this week so I'm glad all is well with him and his momma.

OKay, time to hit the couch with a book. I'm reading `A Heart For Freedom' by Chai Ling.

Love, Louise


  1. I'm sure the wedding photos will go well. Sit down when you can and just supervise while Gary takes more than his share of the pictures! The outdoor location looks great and I will look forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. Hope the wedding goes well; the weather does look like it'll be good :)