Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

Such a great weekend. Really, I think it's mostly sun related. I love, love, love being outside. Friday I helped out in Kai's kindergarten class (I do it every 6 weeks or so) and he loved it. He has been so much more affectionate with me in public and his emotions are so much more...mature. It's interesting to see this growth.

Saturday I went to watch my football team play...made me excited for the fall! Then I had a photo session (my last family one!) with a super cute family.

On Sunday we had church, then I visited my sister Jan, her husband Doug, and baby Jack in the NICU. He should be going home in the next day or two as he's getting his last round of antibiotics tomorrow. Jan has been staying in the hospital with him as it's too hard to go home to Mission and come back every 3 hours to feed him. I'm glad they've made it work for her and I'm glad he's breastfeeding well!

After a brief visit (the kids and Gary just went to the park while I visited because they can't go in the NICU), we went to Mill Lake for a walk. I love all the Magnolia trees in bloom right now, so gorgeous! It's an easy walk and a good distance for me because my pelvis didn't love the 5km walk last weekend:)

Finished off the day with another walk with my friend Leah followed by Amazing Race (and possibly a piece of apple pie). Have I mentioned that I love being outside?
{How gorgeous are these flowers?!}
{We never bring the stroller anymore but we did just in case today because Koen has been fighting a cold and just a bit more tired than usual.}
{The boys love finding `great spots for pictures':) }
After seeing the itty bitty babes in the NICU my fears/stress over baby's arrival have decreased a bit. I feel less concerned about how babe will get here and just hope that she comes out of my uterus safe and sound in about 5 weeks.

I have been having so many braxton hicks contractions that I wondered if I was secretly dilating but baby's head is still very high so I guess not. They are non stop and quite strong. Baby is in a really weird position (diagonal) so my belly makes some really funky shapes during those contractions.

Today we were talking about what it means to be like Jesus. To be kind and loving to everyone and to be very forgiving. Koen thought that sounded like a pretty good friend so he said that Kai is not his best friend anymore, Jesus is, and he would like to play Junior Monopoly with Jesus. He's so cute and funny. Three year olds are adorable.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

Love, Louise

PS It was not wise to play soccer with the kids after dinner. I thought my body can do more than it actually can.


  1. Aw your boys are too cute!!!

    Where is this Mill Lake? Looks pretty! I am always on the lookout for new places to walk :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend - You have a good week too!

  3. awww love the picture of jani and little jack - she looks great! sounds like a fun weeekend lou. I love mill lake too, such a great walk. Only a few more weeks and your weekend will consist of spit up, poopy diapers, and bragging about how the little one sleeps through the night at 3 days (we can hope - fingers crossed:)).

  4. Carolyn, Mill Lake is in Abbotsford (right near the hospital there) and is a great 2.5km loop. Not sure if you're ever out there, but if you are, you might want to check it out:)