Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fools and Feeling Like a Whale

Hey team, thanks for all the love and encouragement for teaching a photography course! I am trying to figure out if I want to do one before the baby or if it's wiser to wait. Family first:) We have three weddings and then I also have 3 family sessions before babe is here and I think that might be my limit! As for our name, GC Photography it will remain. Easy!
I'm having a hard time blogging about our life right now because my friend Tessa suddenly and tragically lost her little brother this week. I know life goes on for everyone else but I just feel so bad for her and her family. Tessa and Simon have already experienced so much loss in their sad.
Nothing much new here for our family. The boys were excited that today was `April Fools Day'. They were trying to figure out what that really meant. They thought they were funny when they sat in each other's chairs for breakfast this morning. Then Kai repeated everything we said. Then they tried to come up with pranks, especially since we would be seeing Opi (my dad) later on. Koen thought that spitting at him would be a great trick, that was a good conversation to have before we actually saw my dad. They decided on putting soy sauce in his coffee (which was a better idea than Koen's idea of putting a banana or pizza in his coffee). They thought they were hilarious when he drank it.
I had my midwife appointment on Friday. I'm huge. I gained way too much weight this month. An abnormal amount that concerns me. I'm assuming it's thyroid related as I'm exhausted as well. I will go for a blood test this week. I haven't changed my diet or exercise so it's strange that I would gain 12lbs in one month. Yes, 12lbs. Should be more like 4-5lbs. Yikes. Not healthy. I feel like a whale. I was feeling beautifully round and pregnant up until a few weeks ago. Now I just feel very, very large all over. Not looking for any reassurance or encouragement here, just letting you know how I feel:)

This is where things get a bit less fun...the swollen ankles and fingers, peeing your pants, heart burn, clothes that are too tight, non stop Braxton Hicks like never before, constipation, you times. I still do feel much better than I did with the boys and I think it has to do with not being on my feet teaching. Babe is now head down which makes me feel like my stomach is the size of a golf ball and I can't get much food in there.

I'm just waiting to get my maternity pictures and then I'll print them and finish up the baby room. Looking forward to having that done:) Likely babe will be born around 39 weeks which means I'm just 7 weeks away. Wowsers. Hopefully babe doesn't surprise us and come out a boy because we do not have a boy name. Girl name is good to go.

I hope you had a good weekend.
Love, Louise

PS Three year olds are hilarious. On Friday, I took Koen to the park and he wished every single kid there a `Happy Chinese New Year!'. Silly goose.


  1. xo I think you look beautiful...

  2. Oops, that posted before I was ready. Would you consider going back for another glucose tolerance test? Some women develop gestational diabetes late in pregnancy, and a jump in weight gain can be a sign...

  3. Mel, I just had my test last month and it was so fine but my thyroid levels did come back out of range and too low so that's what I'm thinking it is. My metabolism has def. slowed down. I also did the two hour test so I'm thinking that was more accurate? We'll see what my weight is in two weeks and go from there....

  4. Ah the whale stage! I felt the same way as you when I was pregnant this Christmas. I swear every single day for a month people were asking me if I was having twins. It gets awkward when they are complete strangers who are just trying to empathize.

    I had a big weight gain when I was just starting my third trimester. But, then I didn't gain much at all in my last month and a half. So... maybe that'll happen with you too?

    I'm so excited for you. Despite all the nasty things that happen to our bodies in the last stages of pregnancy... I can't wait to see little cutey pie in your belly! I know many people say this already, but make sure you rest up before she comes, because you'll want your "boy" time(I love your boys... they seem so happy!!) before life becomes so much more about her.

    Thinking of you in the home stretch!

  5. That is very sad about Tessa's brother. So sad.