Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Day in the Sun!

Monday was beautiful. I think we broke a temperature record in Cloverdale of 21.5 degrees. I never realize how much the rain/clouds affect me until we have a gorgeous day or two like this weekend. We had a very busy weekend but Easter Monday was a time for us to just be with our family.
We went to check out an area of Tynehead that we had never walked before. It's a 4.6 km paved loop called the Perimeter Trail. Kai biked the entire thing, without training wheels, and did so with such a great attitude. I was so proud of him.
Koen did ride his tricycle the whole time too although we push him with the handle to help him keep up:) I don't know why it was so hard on my body (really my pubic bone..yikes, so much of the relaxin hormone going on, feels like it's broken) but it felt so good to be outside in the sun. With sunglasses. And sunscreen. And a short sleeved shirt!
We stopped for a snack halfway:) Thumbs up for snack time! By the way, upon seeing myself in these black workout pants I said `They make my thighs look so big!' and Gary replied `I don't think it's the pants.'. Yes, he did. But you know what, it's okay. Gary is truthful and...well, himself:) He still thinks I'm beautiful, big thighs and all.
I cannot wait for summer! Or really, just some more sunny weather. Our summer will not be very adventurous this year as we will likely just do day activities like the beach, waterslides, PNE etc. We might do a trip to Green Lake but we will see. It will just be a whole lot of family time getting to know our little girl:)

By the way, my sister Jantina is due tomorrow!! Can't wait for a new baby to hold. I think the plan is for me to be there for the birth and I can't wait!

Have a wonderful week.
Love, Louise

PS Koen said his name is Koen Jacob Daniel Sedin:)

{And here's my lovely assistant, Gary, from a session at Lynn Canyon this weekend. Usually we just do weddings together but my rock scrambling ability is slightly lacking right now for obvious reasons:)}


  1. Oh Gary. That would be pretty funny if it wasn't so insulting. And we all know, our bodies just aren't our own while we're babymaking and babyfeeding. There's lots of time later to work it out :) Yay for summer and sun!

  2. i don't think your thighs look big at ALL!!! and i'm not just saying that :)
    WELL done, Kai - that is a great distance and to do it all WITH a good attitude? Awesome!

  3. The pubic bone!!! Yes, feels like someones kicked me in the crotch. I'm glad there's someone else out there experiencing the same pain(in the butt). All over SO soon!!

  4. Kim, TOTALLY feels like I've been kicked in the crotch. Yikes! Not much longer is right, especially for you!

    Ali and Kelly, I'm fine with bigger thighs for now...just hoping Gary will be my workout partner this summer!

  5. You look great! Mike told me last week that 'you look good for your age.' Practically over the hill I am, Thanks babe ;)

    And yay for sunshine!!!

  6. 6 weeks to go - it's gone fast, at least for your readers!

  7. Koen Jacob Daniel Sedin - I LOVE IT! :)
    Rock those thighs, girlfriend. I for one, look forward to the day I can gain weight without feeling bad. You're supposed to when you're pregnant, right? Embrace it! :)

  8. My pubic bone is killing me as well! For over a month now too. Sigh.