Monday, April 30, 2012

Ultrasound at 36 Weeks

This is the most unflattering picture of everyone and was on my dad's phone but it's the only one we have:) Who puts the two pregnant ladies closest to the camera? Yikes! However, it is a moment I want to remember so here it is. After church on Sunday my sisters and my dad went to Newlands for the Brunch Buffet. So good. Seriously. Wow. My headache disappeared for about 2 hours and during that time, I ate and ate. Yum! My favourites? The Curry Beef and Pecan Pie.
Jan brought little Jack along and he's such a cute little peanut (although I guess close to 9lbs so not so little). The reason we got together was because on Monday May 7th, it will be 6 years since my mom passed away. I miss her and although I will remember her forever (especially her smile and laugh), I forget her voice and I can't imagine what a conversation with her would be like now. She would be super excited about all these babies though, that's for sure!! Miss you momma. Praying baby is not born on May 7th (which would be 3 weeks early) because I would really rather not have that birth date for babe.

In other news, I had my ultrasound today. I actually invited my in laws to come along as they hadn't seen an ultrasound before. Unfortunately, at this far along, there wasn't much you could see. They did get to see the heart but the rest of her was pretty unrecognizable. I'll meet with my midwife on Thursday to go over it but this is what I got from the tech (please note that not all readings are accurate but it's the best guesstimate for now):

1. Baby is transverse. I knew this already but I had hoped she had gotten into position.
2. Baby girl has a head that is `off the charts'. What does that mean? Basically as big as a baby at 40 weeks. Seriously, another Kai sized head is not good news for a VBA2C attempt.
3. Baby girl's chest measurements are in line with her head ones; large.
4. Baby girl is estimated to weigh 6.9lbs right now. If she gains .5/week, that would put her at about 9lbs on her due date which isn't huge but not ideal for a VBA2C for me. Koen also was the same estimated weight but was born 10 days early at 9lbs 7oz so ya...I know it could be anywhere from 8.5-9.5lbs.

So, I'm assuming baby girl will be born on May 22nd (C-section date) at 9lbs 3oz. If the head is really that large, then I don't feel comfortable going for a VBA2C. I know women do it all the time, but this woman tried with Kai and it was not ideal.

So ya, good to see that she's growing big and strong and I'm really looking forward to seeing what this sweet big girl looks like:)


  1. sorry about baby's position and head size :( That doesn't sound to be on your side. but i do like the May 22 birthday and hopefully you will have peace no matter which way baby girl joins your family :)

  2. What a nice tradition that you sisters and your father have. Do you have your mom's voice recorded on any videos?

  3. xxoo

    38 weeks, 38 weeks, c'mon baby 38 weeks =)

    Much love about your mom <3 she sure would be happy about all those grandbabies!!

  4. Come on Louise. In order for your little girl's head to be "off the charts" - since heads are measured in percentile - she would have to have a head larger than her own. Do you have the world's first child with a head in the 100th percentile? ;)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting your beautiful little girl (with the monstrous head) when the time comes.

  5. Oh Tyler, I was just quoting the tech:) It's more like >90% based on what my midwife said today. So you know, a head like that of your son when he was born:)

  6. (Remember that with 3 pregnancies your pelvis will have more flexibility and room than it did with Kai; 3x more relaxin means 3x more roominess....That helped me; I have gigantosaurus headed babies, too)
    I'd say she's not too big for a VBAC. She's nowhere near the 10 lb range!