Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Boys

{Pictures in this post by Megan Edelman}
-we ended last summer with a bit of a biking accident for him so he has been petrified of biking again. Understandably. I couldn't keep up with him and he went straight into a busy road and ran into a curb head on. Nothing major but still, he had some major lack of control (forgot to brake). So this week we started biking again. In just two days he has made so much progress and I am very proud of him (and he is proud of himself). I helped him the first day to help build his confidence and then Gary worked with him the second day to work on his skills a bit more.

-he had his first filling today. He did a great job and apparently loves the funny tickly feeling of the freezing. He likes feeling `weird'. Great...keep teenage Kai away from drugs and alcohol!
-his favourite part of school is the before and after school care because they get to play hockey and basketball. He is obsessed with sports to the point that when he realized a few weeks ago what day it was, proclaimed `IT'S WOMEN'S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP TODAY!!'. He especially loves watching hockey and can remember what the score was when the Canucks last played the same team. He only gets to watch the first period but then gets up early to watch the highlights.

-is a great big brother in that he gets up with Koen and gets him breakfast. Then, they play a board game together while watching sports highlights. This means I get to `sleep in' until about 7:30pm each day. The boys still fight daily (except for Monday which was the best day ever) and it drives me crazy.
-looking forward to being a big brother and enjoys feeling the baby's kicks and high fives:)

-I didn't even notice when this happened but Kai used to suck his thumb when he was little and eventually just sucked it for 5 minutes when going to sleep. He no longer sucks his thumb.

-chatterbox. He did not get this from Gary.

-a monkey
-is very independent and can play for hours on his own. He does love to race cars with his brother, that is probably his favourite thing to do.

-goes to bed at 6:30pm and wakes up 6:30-7am.

-loves every single type of food in the world. He will eat anything.

-loves being outside and playing basketball and soccer.

-rarely serious, always goofy (Kai is and was a lot more serious). One of the times when Koen is serious is when we look at his baby pictures. He wants to know why he was sad or happy and will actually start crying if he sees pictures of himself crying.

-loves Bubi (his blankie) so much.

-very laid back and willing to try anything. He never really did the `terrible two's'.

-his big brother is his best friend. He is really looking forward to having a baby sister. He enjoys rubbing my belly and singing songs to her (especially `You are my Sunshine'). He always asks at every meal `Does baby like it?'. I'm nervous that Koen will not get as much attention anymore once baby is here, but am so thankful for this time that we have had together, when Kai is at school, one on one.

-also a chatterbox.


-a wonderful dad who gets the kids' sillies out as I am unable to wrestle or chase them much anymore.

-a great husband that makes great meals numerous times a week even though I'm the one home all day.

Yay for our little family. They exhaust me, and I can't believe that they are mine, but I love them to pieces. Can't wait to meet my little girl in just 7 more weeks. I wonder if she will look just like the boys or maybe, just maybe, this kiddo will look more like her momma.

Have a great week! We're off to Costco for some snacks:)
Love, Louise


  1. o such a sweet post! i love it when parents share their kids 'uniqueness'! I'm so excited to see pictures of the litte miss :) you look amazing and healthy louise! AMAZING!

  2. fun read about your boys! :)

  3. I can't believe Kai liked getting a filling! The needle is the worst part! Good for him though, I wish I was less teriffied of getting fillings!

  4. Koen sounds very sensitive..Onion sounds very...confident and independent.