Sunday, April 08, 2012

Not Handsome

Just a quick update:

1. Fun times. It works in case you were wondering:)

2. Koen on being handsome: `I don't want to be handsome. I want to look like Kai!'. ha ha
{Koen would only smile if I took a picture of him with Bubi. Isn't he cute?}

3. Having Braxton Hicks like crazy. It started out just in the evenings and now it's all day long. Reminds me of the contractions I had when I went from 1-3cm with Kai. Uncomfortable but not painful. Baby is getting big and long and I guess my torso is short because there's just not a lot of room for food or breathing when I'm sitting. Six more weeks! Not ready yet, that's for sure. I'm able to sleep at least 8 hours a night now so I have got to get a whole lot more uncomfortable before I'm ready:) Baby room is now ready!

4. Kai is obsessed with `Where's Waldo' books. One of the characters they have to look for is Odlaw. Koen asked if it was the `Odlaw Senators':)
{A genuine Kai smile. I love it. He is handsome. By the way, this kid kicks my butt in `Where's Waldo'.}

5. The boys are crazy over board games. Hours a day. Love it! (mostly love it because I don't have to play with them. Sounds terrible but you know what I mean).

6. Easter has been good. So interesting having age appropriate conversations with them about it. Kai was nearly in tears on Friday when talking about Good Friday and how Jesus died on the cross. He has become a lot more sensitive lately, maybe it's an age thing? I love talking to the kids about grace and forgiveness because they (especially Kai) get it...I mean, how many times a day do we talk about being sorry for the naughty decisions that they (or I) make.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise

PS Gas prices are CRAZY.

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  1. Yes gas prices ARE crazy. And your boys are cuter than stink. Can't wait to meet your laid back baby girl!!!! =)