Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Better Than 2 Sick Kids?

How about throw in a sick husband! Yes, although adults don't tend to get it, it looks like my lovely husband is well on his way. Kai was excited, he said, `Does this mean daddy will know exactly how I feel?'.

Kai is doing the best of the bunch with just the blister in his mouth making it painful to eat.

Koen is super clingy and I can understand, his skin is terrible. I won't even describe the yuckiness of it. He still enjoys the bath though so I'm glad he gets some relief in there. I'm just nervous about any infection that could start with all of those open wounds. At night he cries for me `Mommy! Mommy!' over and over and when I go in, he grabs me with all his might and won't let go. We `slept' in the toddler bed in his room last night together, for a bit, because I didn't want to bring him into our bed as Gary is sick.

This is definitely a rough week around here. I'm so thankful that so far, I'm feeling totally fine. I went out and bought a ton of new soaps and hand sanitizers last night. I'm going to be crazy germ freak mom because I don't want my kids to get sick like this again and preschool is right around the corner.

In the meantime, we'll just keep going for walks (poor kids saw the park yesterday but we had to go right by it) and hanging out at the house. Boring.

Oh ya, I bought Kai a $6.00 T-rex shirt and I am now the best mom in the world! He's been asking for a dinosaur shirt for a while (why didn't he want one at Drumheller where there were a billion?!) and I found one yesterday. I'll be honest, it feels pretty awesome to be the best mom in the world (according to Kai).


  1. oh my word. this is awful. i hope you don't catch anything and that the boys all get better quickly!

  2. My mom never bought me a dinosaur t-shirt. You are the best mom.

  3. Bleh. I hope all of your boys start feeling better with school right around the corner and that you don't catch it as well!

  4. sucks! i'm glad you're healthy at least. poor boys. hope it's all gone soon.