Sunday, August 01, 2010

Chapman Household Update

Wow. What a terrible three days. Nothing major, just exhaustion and the flu. We drove 14 hours on Thursday to get home so Gary could help his parents move for 12 hours on Friday. This meant I had two uber grumpy, tired, out of routine boys by myself and I was so exhausted. I think it was the first time in my 4 years of mommyhood where I felt I didn't have one positive interaction with the kids all day. When Kai is grumpy and tired, he gets quite physical. He will grab my head in his hands and bring our foreheads together and demand something or another. Not a fan. I even hid in my room for 20 minutes and I've never done that before. It actually felt good because I could hear what they were doing so I knew all was well with them.

Then yesterday, I got the flu. It happened at noon and I went to bed almost all day. The headache was (and still is) insane. Some vomiting but mostly headache, fatigue and nausea. The, at 11pm, I heard Gary vomiting. Double yuck. I am so thankful the kids haven't gotten it because I don't know what we would do. Just having two sick parents was bad enough. The kids are at ages where they can do a lot on their own so we were super, duper boring parents today. I slept more today as well. I never sleep during the day!

I think/hope/pray tomorrow is better because I just had to write off two days of house cleaning and photo editing which just stresses me out. We have a birthday boy in 2 days (Kai Bear turns 4!!!) but at least we aren't celebrating it until Saturday which gives me time to figure out what kind of dinosaur cake to make:)

It's times like these where I think `How can we bring another kid into this family?!'. It's `easy' with the two. Totally manageable. How can we do the newborn stage again? Will my Graves' Disease flare up with lack of sleep? What would I do if all three kids got the flu? What would I do with three kids if I got sick? See, this is where having my mom around would def. help:) Talking about Graves' Disease, I've got to get a super duper blood work up on Tuesday at the hospital. Sounds fun eh? I just had dizziness for a week straight so they need to check out my ACTH and adrenal functioning etc. I love how my endo takes any symptom so seriously. By the way, this was my first time being sick while having Graves' Disease. I was scared because an infection can lead to a thyroid storm (can lead to heart failure etc) but it went well in that regard. Phew.

Okay, I need to go to bed. Gary is doing quite well and I seem to be stuck in a weak, tired, headachey stage. Please check back in the next two days because someone is turning 19 months and another person is turning 4!

Bon nuit.


  1. Get some rest girl! Praying for you now...

  2. sorry to hear you are sick!!! I hope you feel better soon. Isn't it totally unfair how men bounce back from illness, whereas for us it hangs around and takes a week to get back to normal??!!
    As for dealing with three--you just do what you have to do!!! I don't know about the Grave's flaring up, but aside from that, dealing with three is similar to dealing with two. Once you're outnumbered, it's all more of the same. :) But totally normal to question! I'm questioning the same thing with having four! And I had the same questions/worries with having 2 and 3 kids. It's doable, that's all I can say.
    That, and you might spend more 20 minute sessions in your bedroom. Without those, my kids would be pretty traumatized a couple times a year!!! Lol!!!

  3. (I meant, you might spend more 20 minute sessions in your bedroom to help cope with three kids!! I hope that came across...)

  4. Hugs Louise! Hope you are feeling completely better soon!

  5. That sounds just awful. You have a wonderful holiday and then come home to get sick.......yucky! I suppose it was good that you were home.
    Don't ever doubt your ability to be a great Mom to 3 kids. You will amaze yourself with your ability to adapt. You seem like the type of person that takes any challenge and aims to do it well. It will be a great experience!!!

  6. Haha, I actually DIDN'T mean the sexual connotation attached to my comment, but it sure is funny when i read it again!!!


    Yeah, stress debriefer. Good for everyone!