Monday, August 02, 2010

19 Months

19 Months ago, this was my belly.
We met Koen Jacob Daniel Chapman.
And fell in love immediately with our chubby little guy.
(Check out the rolls on him at just one week of age!)
And today, we love our little monkey more than ever.
(Making Kai's birthday cake with the boys today...we are having a cake tomorrow for his real bday and another one on Saturday for his party)

Kokies: 19 Months
-climber (Kai never left the ground so this is very new to us. He is the one teaching Kai!)
-talker (he has started saying two words together like `hug mommy').
-runner (usually away from us)
-eater (loves all food)
-drinker (loves his milk and I'll admit that we still give it to him in a bottle half of the time)
-sleeper (woohoo!! He naps about 1 hour during the day and sleeps about 14 hours at night. Awesomeness).
-brother (Kai and Koen have so much fun together, it warms my heart more than anything to see them playing together)
-mover (Go, go, go all day long...this has caused him to stay at 26.5lbs)
-teether (he grew 3 more teeth, finally, in Alberta, for a total of 12)
-blanket lover (I have no idea what we would've done without their blankies for our 14 hour drive!)

We love you Kokies. You bring so much joy into our lives. Don't grow up too fast!!
Love, mommy

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  1. Happy 19 months!! He sure sounds like one fun guy.
    I also LOVE your baby belly.