Friday, August 20, 2010

If You Don't Let Me...

Kai is funny to me. If I don't let him do something, this is what he might say:
1. Mommy, you're boring. (He's not allowed to say this anymore).
2. If you don't let me ______, then I'm going to take all of my clothes off. (and then he does).

Health update: Kai is able to eat less and less. Koen is getting better and better (so scabby..yuck). Gary is feeling a bit better but still has a long ways to go. I'm good!!

Adoption update: We are really slow getting our adoption portfolio together (okay, in the grand scheme, we're moving through uber fast) but we should have our booklet made this week. My letter had to be cut in half as it was jut too long. In half. Yes. I just got to read/edit Gary's letter. I wish I could share it. He did such a good job sharing his feelings. He even used one exclamation mark and I've never seen him use one. Good job, Gary!

House update: We decided that instead of moving we would finish our basement (one bedroom, one bathroom, and one giant playroom/studio) and make the rest of our house more organized and de-cluttered. We have finished the main floor (I should have taken before and after pictures!) and I've been working on our bedrooms. Today I tackled our closet. You know, the place where everything goes when you don't want to see it:) This has been a very expensive month for us with two major (unexpected) photography purchases (laptop and flash both broke) so suddenly spending money on getting more organized was a bit stressful but we're okay. So thankful for our photography income!!!

Okay, I better head to bed to keep my immune system up and running smoothly!!! Have an excellent weekend.

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  1. he takes his clothes off???? that's hilarious! :)