Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out In The Real World!

Today we ventured out as a family...into the real world! The boys are no longer infectious and I am sooooo relieved to be normal. We went to the PNE. I bought tickets online before hand and saved a few bucks. We also found free parking which saved us $25.00. The kids were free to get in but we splurged and got Kai the junior ride pass ($30). I don't know how you would possibly do that with 2 or 3 or more kids. Wow.
(I think that this is the last year that Kai would go on the boring rides that just go round and round....)
Kai's highlight was the `wooden train' (kids roller coaster). Gary's highlight was `Superdogs' (just because Koen was enthralled by the lights and kept clapping). My highlight was the `On the Edge' show with quads and trucks. Yes, that was my favourite. Who am I? Oh ya, mini donuts were obviously wonderful!
Kai did go on a bunch of rides. Parents can accompany them for free but wow, I barely fit my butt into the car ride so I only went on one or two with him.
(Koen wanting OUT and onto the rides. I'm not really that mean leaving him in the stroller, this is a fake cry that turns into a laugh in a second.)

It's tough because it doesn't open until 11am so we got there right when it opened and managed to keep Koen happy enough until 2pm (2 hours past his nap time). Good job Kokies!!
They had a cool interactive kids area in the barn with all the animals. They had to collect honey and other items at all the stations and then at the end they made a dollar for all of their hard work. They could purchase a chocolate milk with their paper dollar:)
We stayed just long enough to watch the quad racing and the trucks trying to run each other off of the platform. Looking at this picture, I can't believe I went out in public like this. Sweats. Old tank top. Greasy unwashed hair. Oh boy. I have had a headache for the past 4 days so I think I was just trying to be as comfortable as possible. Fortunately my headache left about 1 hour ago. Phew. I seem to get these long lasting headaches once or twice a month. Not sure if it's Graves related or working too much. Oh well, gone for now! Talking about working too much...I've been working full time since May (40 hours a week). I have just 6 more weeks of this and then I'll be down to about 10 hours/week. AWESOME. That is the perfect amount for me to be a good wife, momma, sister and friend.

I've been working this much (and Gary has been too) because I wanted to save enough for the adoption and finishing our basement. I don't like debt and it's really weird not bringing in an income anymore through teaching. I am so incredibly thankful that the photography door has opened and that it is so flexible. It is so amazingly perfect for our lifestyle!

And, no good segue here, I just need to share the highlight of my every day life with each of the boys in my life:

1. Walking hand in hand with Kai to the mailbox. Although, every other day we bike which is fun too. I love that he wants to hold my hand.
2. Reading a book to Koen at night while he's in his super cute pj's and drinking back his milk. HE IS SO PRECIOUS.
3. Laying in bed at the end of the day and just laughing with Gary about the things that the kids did throughout the day.

Blessed. Super blessed.


  1. SO glad you could finally get out into the 'real world' :) looks like such a great day for the PNE.

    about your headaches...perhaps it could be hormonal as well (as in your period)? I don't really get headaches, but when you say you get them once or twice a month, maybe it's somehow related. but lots of work or Graves' could also be the reason :(

  2. Glad you had fun. Casual is apparently in, so don't worry. Glad kids are on the mend (and gary)!

  3. dude. I wear sweats out all the time! :)

  4. love garys knees in the little coaster! so funny!
    looks like you had fun!

  5. glad you are able to get out again! I'm so glad you didn't get sick, too!!

  6. Wow, i had no idea you were working so much these days! Glad it's temporary. Who cares about your sweats. Comfort goes a loooong way!