Monday, August 16, 2010

The Latest

Sorry to be brief here but:
1. Had four weddings in one week (photographing 3 of those) and I'm utterly exhausted. I feel like I just need to curl up in a ball for a week. Yesterday's was an outdoor one in Abbotsford...if you know about the heat around here, you know it was a sweat fest.
(Holding my littlest niece at my cousins wedding on courtesy of Jaclyn Curll:))

2. Kai has hand, foot and mouth disease.
Not cool. Makes it sound like he's a cow or something. I'm upset because he's so contagious so we can't go anywhere and this is the one time this month we have five whole days free. I'm just waiting for Koen to get it so we can get it over with although hoping he doesn't. Kai is handling it very well and knows the stages etc. Every morning he comes to our room, shoves his feet in my face and says, `Any blisters yet?'.
(In case you are wondering, these are the symptoms; fever, fatigue and nausea (vomiting) for day one. Day two he was fine. Day three brought the lovely blisters to his feet.)

3. On Saturday I turned 32. That's the day Kai got sick...although we didn't realize it until it was too late. Awesome! We had gone to the Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream and Kai refused to eat anything. That is where he decided that his tummy had enough and he threw up. So embarrassing. I had no idea he was that sick or we never would've left the house. Bad, bad mommy.

Have a great week.
Love, Louise


  1. I'd say lots of people take their sick kids out, that's how everyone else gets sick! But I agree that it's hard to know how sick they are when the symptoms first show up.

  2. Nice pic of you and Sami :)
    Sucky about onion. NIce that he understands it though!!! Hopefully you, Gary and Koen won't get it!

  3. Icky! My cousin's little guy has that right now, too! Sorry you have to deal with sickies....

  4. sorry to hear about Kai :( hope no one else gets it!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your kidlets start feeling better, that does not sound like fun at all spending your free days with sick kiddos.

  6. Oh my land. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you get a puke free celebration one of these days. Public unpleasant!!!!