Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Kai is Four!!

Four and half years ago, we found out that we were having a boy. When the nurse read us the results, I cried. I was shocked. I felt like I did not know how to raise a boy as I was one of five girls. I'm so thankful that we found out what we were having because then at least I could let my mom know so that she could have some connection to her second grandchild before she passed away.
Four years ago, at 8:09am, we met our baby boy! It was not the best start as we were utterly exhausted from 2 sleepless nights due to contractions, labour and trying to push this guy out.
It took some time for me to fall in love with him. I had a bond all right, but didn't feel that undying love that I thought I was supposed to. I felt like I didn't know him. I even asked Gary several times if he was sure that this was our baby as I just thought I should be able to recognize him. Kai Bear cried...a lot. Like many babies, he had some tummy issues but boy, did he cry!
Here was our family picture at Green Lake when he was 3 weeks old. He decided there to have a growth spurt and ate EVERY SINGLE HOUR throughout the night. I was exhausted.
It wasn't long though before my love for him was in full bloom and I was head over heals with the most beautiful baby in the world. He ate like a champ and continued to grow so well. I love having boys. They are so entertaining and tough and I see the world so differently. I never thought I would have to learn about excavators and Stegosauruses but I love it. I love seeing them wrestle with Gary. I love the snuggles that I can still get out of them.
Kai bear has been such a blessing to us. He is a great big brother and a wonderful helper to Gary and I. He is very enthusiastic and fun to talk to. This morning he came into our room and we sang happy birthday to him. Then he asked if he could open his present to finally get his transformer. Uh oh. I didn't think the dinosaur puzzle and `paint a dinosaur' was going to cut it. He had been asking for a transformer for about 6 months and for some reason, because he didn't talk about it in the last 2 weeks, I didn't buy one for him. Bad parents. So I said that we would open his present in a couple of hours and ran off to the store. I found one that he loves. Phew:)
Gary and Kai transforming his new toy. Great, now I have to figure out how it works too!
Kai Bear, we love you so much. You make me laugh with your dance moves, you make me smile with your wonderment, and you make me filled with joy when you interact (nicely) with your brother.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for you. We love you!!!
Love, Mommy, Daddy and Kokies.
PS Someone is turning 35 tomorrow.....there will be another birthday post:)


  1. Happy Birthday, Kai!

  2. happy birthday to Kai! I loved reading this post - just made me smile.

  3. Happy Birthday Kai!!! Gary - 35 eh? When is the big bash?

  4. Happy Birthday kai!! i hope that you have a fantastic time at your party on Saturday. I think you will really enjoy being 4, as it is a great age!!
    The freckles on your nose are too cute!

  5. Ah Kai(ser), what a character you are. I'm glad you were born. You're a fun nephew and I look forward to watching you continue to grow. Happy Birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Kai! Louise, Mike and I had a chuckle about your rush to the toy star. Nice work rock star mom!

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet firstborn...such sweet memories! Loved all the pictures of him growing too!