Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dinosaur Party!

This morning we had Kai's birthday party. It was so fun! The kids are at a great age where they can just go off and play. No fighting. Including Kai and Koen, there were 11 kids. Half of the parents stayed, the other half just dropped them off.
The birthday boy! Yes, his hands are in the back of his shorts...just noticed that now. We had a relay race where they had to wear a headlamp (it was in the dark garage due to the rain), go down the slide, over the swamp (kiddie pool) and then dig for 3 dinosaurs each. In the end they all just kept digging:)
They played in the basement and at one point I found 5 of them having a dance party on our bed:)
We played some `Stick the Pterodactyl in the sky' which I'm surprised all of the kids did being that they were blindfolded.
Look at them all just sitting and eating, so well behaved! Yes, the centerpiece was a plant with dinosaurs in it. You know, kind of forest like?
Opened some presents...thanks everyone!
And then ate dinosaur cupcakes! I had made a 3D Stegosaurus cake on his actual day but didn't feel like remaking one so we just did cupcakes. I think in the future I will do smaller sugar or chocolate cookie cutouts on cupcakes, then you can do any theme! They were supposed to have grass on them but I didn't buy any green candies in time. And the jellybeans, those are EGGS not dinosaur poop. They stand up because you insert a lollipop stick in the cookies before you bake them. Cool huh?
He blew out his candle and made a wish...

And then everyone went home! I love celebrating the boys birthdays. It's so fun to see them so happy and having their day celebrated with friends or family (this was our first year doing a `just friends' party as the numbers were getting out of control!). Three of the boys at the party are our neighbours so it's just so awesome for Kai to have buddies just next door.

And just random things that will be blogged about in the next week:
1. Gary and I now share an to come!
2. Last social worker visit on Monday
3. I need to lose 10lbs....plan will be in place soon.
Bon nuit.
Love, Louise


  1. VERY cool party :)
    can't wait to see pics of the office space!

  2. I didn't actually go downstairs today... but you have a kid-sized foozball table! Thanks for the party!

  3. Thanks for coming, Terri! Noah played on it too:)

  4. Looks like a ton of fun!! Kai's hair is way too cute!!!

  5. I'm in awe of your party planning. Looks so fun. And yummy.

  6. I hope you're not mad!!! I'm SO sorry I brainfarted and left town and forgot to tell you we wouldn't be able to come after all. I just forgot that that weekend was the 7th, which was my reminder trigger for K's bday party. I'm sorry!
    Next year I'll do better. We have a present for him!!