Saturday, August 28, 2010


So blessed with these beautiful boys.
Kai has a matching outfit to Koen. Yes, I spent money on brand new clothes. Matching ones. Must take pictures one day.
Koen always reminds us to `Pay' (pray). SO CUTE. Instead of `Amen', he says, `Uppie!'. Koen is testing us with his monkeyness. Destroying the whole house on purpose and saying either `Ha ha!' or announcing `Ta da!'.

Kai cut his own hair. I was kind of surprised because he isn't mischievous like that. Kai has been testing us with his words lately. Telling us that we are naughty, need to go time out etc. I think it's a combo of trying to be an adult and getting over his virus.

I am so blessed with these beautiful boys. And my husband. He's pretty awesome. He donates blood and loves me with uber patience.


  1. Marty's just started making a face like Kai's in that picture. It's the face he pulls when he's really super proud of accomplishing something. Kinda like Kai was about his haircut? :)

  2. " I love my husband...he donates blood"

    If someone asked you why you loved your husband, this would be one of the totally unexpected, cute, and endearing answers. awwww

  3. Sweet pictures. I love that he says "pay".
    I love your new ticker on the side bar!!!

  4. I think it's funny how our boys are similar... Adam is a monkey in similar ways to Koen :)