Friday, May 21, 2010

Mr. Enthusiastic

(Kai will the Wall-E that he made)
Yesterday Kai's preschool class went on a field trip to Sendall Gardens. Koen and I went along and it was a lot of fun. I got to lead a group as we went from station to station. We looked for various bugs on their checklist, found each colour flower, painted tiles and planted seeds. It was during Koen's nap time so I held him in the Ergo hoping he would sleep but it was just too exciting. (**side note about the ergo: feels very comfortable on but very difficult to get a child in the back carrying position by yourself unless you want to pull every muscle in your back**).

Kai was LOVING it. His teacher's were saying how he makes them smile and that he is just so enthusiastic. He really is. Example, `Kai, now we have to find some worms.' Kai: `Woohoo! I LOVE worms!! Let's go find them!!'. For everything. I can tell you where he did not get this from:) Here would be Gary's response to something....
Me: Gary, we won a million dollars!!!!!
Gary: That's awesome. (please note, no capitals, no exclamation marks).

And a couple of comments from Kai:
I checked the mailbox for a package that I'm expecting...
Kai: Mommy, was the package there?
Me: No, I wish it was!
Kai: Cheer up mommy. You just need to be patient! I have to wait every day for my birthday, it's just like that!

Kai checking out the box of sugary terribleness (Froot Loops-vomit) that Gary picked up for him because Gary is leaving on a trip and he's trying to bribe Kai to be super nice:
Kai: I LOVE these so much, they're my favourite!! I've never had them before.

And, so that I do not forget: Kai rode his bike (with training wheels) to the mailbox and back. He suddenly decided that he could do it and that he loved it. Love it!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We have two weddings and I'm so excited that the weather is going to behave.
Love, Louise


  1. I absolutely love Kai's comments. Laughing out loud (saying I'm LoL'ing isn't the same somehow)

  2. Ergo tip: lengthen the straps to their longest before putting on--makes for much easier loading/off loading!!!

    ps VERY cute post

  3. p.p.s. Excellent imitation of Gary excited. BTW. And my favourite Kai comment by far is the "IT's my favourite! I have never had it before!!"


  4. kai's enthusiasm sounds very cute. Gary reminds me of Sean. He is never extremely sad or extremely happy.....just kind of content.

  5. oh Kai! you crack me up!!

  6. I love kid's comments. So cute! And I'm liking the new blog layout/background!