Monday, May 17, 2010

Kai Bear

My sister pointed out that there have been a lot of Koen pictures lately. It's true. Well, today I needed to just test out the lights downstairs so Kai offered to help out:) He is a good little helper. I will tell you two of the wonderful things he did today:
1. He read a story to Koen while he was eating breakfast. Kokies wasn't really loving it because Kai didn't show him the pictures which is really why Koen loves it. It's an `Opposites' book with doggies on every page. It was really nice gesture. Sweet.
(Excuse his hair...a mix of hat head and sweat. We might need to work on his smile:)
2. Today when we walked to the mailbox, they held hands. Wow. They have been holding hands a lot more. When we drive, Kai will reach out and tickle Koen. I'll be honest, for every hand holding there are about 30 headlocks, but I'll take what I can get.

My dad babysat the kids, for 5 hours, all by himself. The danger of this is that Opi tells stories that are not quite the truth. Kai came back and told me the following:
Kai: Mommy, when Opi was little, he didn't have a house and they had to look for rats.
Me: Why did they have to look for rats?
Kai: To eat them!
Me: Kai, I think Opi wasn't telling the truth, he was being silly.
Kai: No mommy, it is the truth! Now Opi has a house and he is happy every day.

Okay, I better head to bed. How did it get so late?! I usually like to get to bed before Gary because he snores terribly....he went to bed half an hour ago so it will be full out snoring by the time I get there. Great. Bon nuit!


  1. the hand-holding is very cute :) it happens here sometimes too.

  2. Yes, Opa does tend to stretch the truth, and teach kids "tricks." Annika tells me to look the other way and then proceeds to steal my food/drink or another prank. wonder where she got that from. Amazingly when sami was here and jan and I were told to look away Sami said MAMA very clearly - how weird :o) Oh Boy!

  3. they are both uber cute. i find kai very articulate, i love it. maybe he will go into politics.

  4. Wow
    My Dad tells some crazy mixed truths also.
    My niece was convinced that we had bunnies living in the TV room's wall. She looked so hurt, when a year later she realized that my Dad (& the rest of us) were pulling her leg!
    I think Opa's love to mess with their grandkids.

  5. It is always funny to hear the things that Kai comes up with. Kai has got such a great smile mixed with a little glimmer of mischeive!! Your Dad reminds me of my father in law. gotta keep an eye on those men. lol

  6. I see a glimpse of grownup Kai, and I see you in him.