Sunday, May 30, 2010


On Friday, Gary and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Gary wasn't home as he was on a 4 day canoe and portaging trip. However, at 8am, there was a loud knock at the door. I went down there and this is what I saw:
Flowers, a DVD, and a gift certificate to the spa. The DVD said `Play Me Now'. So, I played the DVD and on it, Gary said that my sister would be coming over at 2:30pm to babysit the kids so that I could go to the spa. After that, a friend would pick me up and take me to dinner! I was so excited to be surprised like that!!! Thank you Mark and Maria for picking out the bouquet and dropping it off!
At the spa, I had the `Time Out' Package which consisted of a facial, back massage and pedicure. I don't really like people touching my face so that wasn't my favourite but I'm glad I tried it. The pedicure was super tickly but I love that she massaged my toes and made them pretty. The back massage was awesome as she worked every single tight muscle. Then, my friend Leah picked me up from the spa and took me out for dinner. You know, when you can sit and eat and talk and not try to manage the kids at the same time! What a relaxing afternoon after single mom-ing it all week!
(Random picture of Gary with a basketball player/student at a reception)
Gary wasn't supposed to get me anything as our Kingfisher trip was our present to each other. Wanna know what I got him? Two of his favourite things that we never have in the house; iced tea and pistachios. Ya, he wins.)

I love Gary. A lot. I remember Gary telling me that he made the choice to love me. I didn't like that. I mean, I appreciate that he was committed to me for life but I wanted him to feel the emotional, passionate love too. Gary isn't super emotional. He doesn't really have ups and downs, he's just steady, and that's good. More than ever, I appreciate his choice to love me and his daily desire to make our marriage stronger and my life better. He makes me feel confident and beautiful. He completely respects and supports every decision I make. We are excellent team mates. Obviously it's not always wonderful but we communicate very well about everything. I really appreciate him and I am so thankful that we are together. I know I'm not the easiest to get along with all the time (I may get a little stressed sometimes:) and I can't stand noises like crunching and slurping (Gary makes a lot) but we are getting there. Gary totally gets me. I am known.

He is a very wonderful father. He is so involved with them and can take them anywhere and everywhere by himself. He makes them laugh and smile and also makes them feel safe and secure. We have a lot of fun together just being goofy and silly. The boys love their daddy. I knew Gary would be a wonderful dad and I'm just so glad that we are on the same page in regards to adding to our family through adoption.

So, if you don't know Gary, you should get to know him. It takes a while. Believe me. Happy 5th anniversary Gary Wayne Chapman. Nakupenda.


  1. What an awesome gift! Way to go, Gary! My boyfriend is a lot like that too. Very even and not very emotional/passionate. Gotta be honest, drives me crazy sometimes! Gary gives me hope that my boyfriend could do something like that too! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary.
    That is the most creative and sweet gift!! He sure put some thought into it.

  3. Anonymous9:51 PM

    It is surprisingly nice to hear other couples that have the same dynamic! I also am with a man who I wonder about the 'feelings', but sure am thankful I never have to worry a second about the commitment. It is funny how for guys it seems to be a mind decisions, when often for women we could not stop the love emotion if we tried! Sweet presents, you are very lucky.

  4. awesome :)
    happy 5th anniversary!

  5. Ummm...impressed with your hubby!!! I also love your realistic view of marriage. It took me a while to stop feeling sorry for myself for not getting a sappy, romantic guy; but when I look at my relationship, what Steve has done for and brought out in me, i know that who he is, is a far bigger blessing than regular romance. Not that we don't try. Sorry for rambling...I just really like this post. Steve's middle name is Wayne too. :)

  6. This post made me tear up. So sweet. And then I read what Gary did for you to Andrey as my not-so-subtle hint. ha ha! Well done, Gary.