Monday, May 03, 2010

16 Months Old

My baby is 16 months old! Here are some things about him....
-being outside doing anything (going to the mailbox, digging in dirt, going down the slide)
-being held by me. He will be fine if I'm not around and then once he sees me he just whines beneath me saying `Me! Me! Me! Up! Up! Up!'
-his big brother Kai. He is starting to purposely bug Kai by taking his things and running away as fast as he can with a huge grin on his face. Kind of funny:)
(LOVES cont'd)
-as Kai put it, `Koen is encouraging me to have naughty behaviour'. Koen loves to touch things he's not supposed to and Kai will just copy him.
-bananas and brownies...the only 2 things he would eat when he was really sick.
-doggies (from afar) and birdies
-bottles of milk. Yes, I still give him his milk in a bottle. He starts choking when he drinks with the various sippy cups I've tried out. May be related to his reflux issues?
-bath time
-brushing his teeth
-dancing (so cute!!!)
(bad picture but I love the expression on his face)
-being put to bed in the same room as us (tried it at Green Lake)...he just wants to come into bed with us and jump all over us (and in that case, vomit on us).
-teething (he has 8 teeth now)
(These pictures were all taken while he was looking for birdies outside)
Kokies, Kokinator, Ko-enie (that's what Kai calls him), we love you so much!! You are such a mischievous little monkey and you entertain us non stop. I'm so happy that you are feeling much better, although, I know your ear is still hurting you.
Thank you for sleeping through the night for the last month or so, daddy and I really appreciate it! Thank you for your big squishy hugs and your big beautiful grins. I love you so much, you have just made my heart so full.
Love you Bubbs.
Love, mommy


  1. Hey Louise! Just catching up on my blog reading and feeling so bad for you and poor Koen! Happy he is over the hump...AGAIN! I read your comment about breastfeeding babies getting sick less too. Part of me has been feeling guilty that Maya has gotten sick so ridiculously often this season becuase I quit breastfeeding her at 5 months....who knows!? I am determined to research immunity in kids and get us all on a good regimen next fall...getting sick so often is NOT GOOD!!!!! Hope that was the final bug and you guys can enjoy a healthy summer :)

  2. I can't believe Koen is 16 months already! I love hearing about the relationship between him and Kai - it must be fun to watch them play together.

  3. I love the second picture of Koen. Such a cute expression!