Sunday, May 09, 2010


I had a fantastic day today. The highlight was our trip to White Rock beach this morning. I love living 20 minutes away from it and I can't believe that we don't go more often. Koen was SO excited. I have never seen him happier. He just ran straight into the water, no fear. He picked up wet sand and squished it in his hands. He chased after birdies. It was beautiful just watching him. Kai was pumped to find as many shells as he could. We jumped over waves together and he learned all about sea lettuce. We found crab exoskeletons and pretended to pinch eachother. It just made me so happy to see them having so much fun. It reminded me of myself as a kid. Good, good times.
I am so thankful for my boys. When Kai found out it was Mother's Day, he asked, `When is it Little Boys Day?'.

(Wow, I look dorky. Kai is shouting `Sea Lettuce!' and waving some around. I thought twice about teaching him the scientific name for it....Ulva:)

I love being a mother. I've always wanted to be one. I'm so thankful that I am one. My favourite moment with the kids this week was when we played ball hockey in the alley as a family. It was so, so, so awesome. Do you know how much I love ball hockey? Do you know how much I love it when Kai says, `Mommy, let's go play hockey!'. Kai asked Gary to be the announcer but apparently he didn't do a very good job at it (he was being `too silly').

I am so blessed.


  1. it was a beautiful day for the beach! sounds like a wonderful time.
    i think teaching him 'sea lettuce' was a good choice :)

  2. Mark says:
    "Everyday is Little Boys Day"

  3. Now that's my idea of how to spend Mother's Day! Love the photo of you and the boys with the reflection in the water!

  4. blessed indeed! So glad you were able to take a day to just ENJOY your family! "ulva"....teehee :)

  5. Catherine11:03 PM

    LOVE these shots. You are looking so good Louise :) Looks like you all had an amazing day...makes me look forward to the summer!