Friday, May 14, 2010

What Not To Say

The other day, Gary and I took the kids for a walk. We each had a kid on our back, seeing what it would be like to hike with them. In a tres cheesy moment, Gary and I held hands and then Kai and Koen held hands too. I said that although I don't care that much what people think, it was kind of embarrassing. Gary said, `If I cared what people thought, I wouldn't have married you.' He had a smile on his face but can imagine my reply. Well, maybe you couldn't but it was a lot of, `Are you kidding me? If anything it would be the other way around!'. Gary knows how to bug me and he definitely never tried to woo me. What you see is what you get with him. Oh Gary. On a positive note, hiking with the kids will work well. Oh and Gary got me a nifty heart rate monitor so now I don't need to worry about having a heart attack while I run.


  1. my boyfriend would say something like that. one of the only things we fight about is the lack of woo-ing going on. sigh!

  2. that makes me laugh. kind of. oh boy :)

  3. I love that Gary knows exactly how to press ALL your buttons. So funny!! Like yesterday when he told you your paint job was a little sloppy :o)