Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Koen and the Chiropractor

I took Koen to a very local chiropractor yesterday (walking distance!) that several people have recommended to me. The reason I took him is because I would like to prevent future ear infections and also, try to get rid of this one that isn't quite gone. My thoughts? It was really wonderful. The first session does cost $50.00 (we have some coverage) but the follow ups are just $25-$30 for kids. He probably just needs one more session. He was very gentle with Koen and could do a lot while I was holding him. He had him lay on his back and also shot that little gun thing (what the heck is it?) into his neck. He could tell that the blockage was all on the right side (I didn't tell him, just seeing if he really knew what was going on:)

He said that Koen has an incredible range of motion which I pretty much knew already, he's such a monkey. He said that after the session, Koen would probably have a wonderful sleep that night. Wow, was he right!! Koen had his first 2 hour nap in months AND we put him down at 6:30pm and it is now 9am and he is still sleeping!

The chiro also gave me exercises that I can do at home next time he has a cold. Basically it's just rubbing from his ear down to the base of his neck to help drain all the lymph fluid. So nice that I will be able to do something next time.

In conclusion, I would completely recommend seeing a chiropractor for your little one! I do have to say that the second we got home, Kai gave him a headlock. Thanks, Kai, for trying to mess his neck up again.

Love, Louise


  1. wow - that sounds amazing! and the sleep? YAHOO!!!! :) even if it is just one night :)
    is that a lilac? It looks like the shape of one, but i've never seen that color combo - beautiful!

  2. SO interesting! I will definitely add chiropractics to my little immunity research project! Keep us posted :)

  3. Kelly-I don't know what it is, I'm useless in the flower department. Saw it at Stewart Farm. Maye Ezra needs a little chiropractor visit:)

  4. Yes it is a lilac...my favorite because they remind me of my mom. We have three lilac trees in our yard.

  5. good to know - I wonder why he slept so well after?

  6. Glad it worked for you. My most progress on bfeeding period happened after our chiro adjusted Riley's jaw. Immediately we saw his tongue (hadn't noticed it was missing but suddenly there it was) and he improved a bunch. Couldn't write on our blog since my inlaws don't believe in them.
    Funny how we test chiros etc, but follow "real" doctors blindly. I'm exactly the same, BTW.