Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Five Year Plan

Gary always jokes that he's on the 5 year plan. If he wants something (some pricey photography equipment most likely), he asks about it and then will continue to bring it up every month or so. Eventually I do say `okay' . By the way, it's not usually 5 years, it generally ends up being about 6 months. The only one that has taken more than 5 years is going on a trip to Iceland.
Two days ago I had a crazy thought. Okay, not crazy but it really came out of nowhere. I told Gary so that I could put him on the 5 year plan. I said to Gary that if everything goes relatively well with this adoption, maybe we could consider an international adoption? From Africa? We've always wanted to go to Africa as a family anyway (well, I want to go back to Kenya but we couldn't adopt from there as you have to live there for 6 months first). Who am I? 4 kids? Don't worry, one at a time...we'll see how it goes. And secretly, I kind of wouldn't mind having 4 boys:)
It's hard to know when we will be having our next child but once he/she is here, we will cut back immensely on our photography. Maybe just one shoot per month to continue to bring in some money and so that I can still work a little outside of the home. I really want to have more family filled weekends. I'm probably just feeling this way because we are in our busiest photography month ever with 5 weddings and 5 other shoots!
(I love that Kai can bike everywhere now!)
I don't know if you've noticed but I have an adoption link at the top of our blog. It has a timeline that you can check to see where we are at. In case you haven't checked, we have finished a whole lot! We are just awaiting our 3 day seminar (mid June), our 6 social worker visits and then we write our `Dear Birth mom' letter. I think that's it!

(picnic at the park, orange you wishing you were there?:))

And, Kai's funny comment of the day:
Kai (being a detective with his flashlight and trying to find treasures around the house, he finds a crumb on the ground): Mommy, a crumb is very fascinating!

I have to say that I am just really feeling so content and happy. I really think that it has to do with the fact that I'm just feeling so much healthier. I should get my blood tested again but I think I must be close to the normal range right now.

Oh, and I should mention that I have a doctors appointment for Koen in 2 weeks from now. I have noticed (although how the heck did it take me so long to notice?!) that Koen walks with his right foot turned in. I had feet issues as a kid too, I had to wear special shoes and braces and all that jazz. It was really bad in elementary school where I didn't wear supportive shoes and it was like I was walking on my ankles. Orthotics helped with that and I'd say I'm normal now:) I'm sure that the equipment that they have to wear now is a lot more user friendly. Hopefully.

Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise


  1. My sister in law feels that she might have a heart for adoption and so I have sent her a link to follow along with your process. I hope you don't mind. I think going to Africa would be pretty amazing!!

  2. As a pediatric developmental physiotherapist, I will ease your mind and tell you that they no longer use boots and braces. All studies have shown that most kids grow out of their rotations and toe walking naturally....ie there is no quicker recovery with or without the braces. People think about bones growing longer, but most people don't think about bones rotating as they grow and have their muscles develop (ie it is the muscle creating tension on the bones that make them grow!) Your doctor will very likely tell you that it is normal and there is nothing to be done about it. Koen will grow out of it naturally. Unless it is caused by abnormal muscle tone, if it is causing pain or if it is interfering with his development, they will just give him a quick check. Don't worry, it is totally normal! :)

  3. Marsalie-awesome news!! I should've thought to ask you. Thank you!!

  4. Love the pics of the two boys on the picnic. Glad you are feeling well!

  5. I know several families with just four boys and they are so much fun, even to babysitt for 14 days straight. Also, great work on the photos from Kim and Tyler's wedding!! They are gorgeous

  6. Wow Lynn, if i ever need a babysitter, I know who to ask. Although I guess your flight here would be a bit pricey:)

  7. Um, you'd better make an exception to shoot my wedding (don't worry - that won't be for years, you might be on to baby's 4, 5, and 6 by then but you'd better leave me one free weekend!!)

  8. LOVE the five year plan. Go you!! The nerds would really be mulitcultural then....


    Good lucke with K's foot! And many prayers for your health and continued peace, busy photography business and all!!!


  9. Lindsay, I'd be honoured!!

  10. Wow, four boys... you'd be my hero :)

  11. Love it! I have thought many times about adopting again - either from Africa or Haiti. Would be awesome for you to have four boys. Our poor little mini nerd girls are gonna be way outnumbered with you guys and the Voses!

  12. I had a good chuckle on Gary's 5-year plan - Mike's is considerably shorter but works in a similar fashion.. basically when he has a new toy on the horizon he keeps bugging me daily, hourly, interspersed with guileless flattery, until I cave. We both know from the outset that I am no match for Mike's persistence..