Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lower Falls Hike

This weekend is a busy work weekend, but we had a great family day today. As we are going on holidays for two weeks this summer, camping and hiking our way to Drumheller (I lost in the vote), we want to practice doing each of those things with the kids to see what we should change/know etc. Today was hiking.

(Terribly blurry picture but I wanted a shot of me carrying Kokies in the Ergo)
We wanted to see how they would do in the carriers so that we could hike at Gary and Louise pace rather than Kai-and-Koen-explore-every-single-thing pace. We did Lower Falls at Golden Ears. It's an easy hike that they say takes an hour each way but really, it takes about 35 minutes each way (as long as the kids aren't walking). I took a beta blocker before and was so pumped that I had no problem whatsoever carrying Koen the whole way. Phew.
(Can you tell I'm restraining Koen from running straight into the water?)
(Family shot via timer)
(Look at Koen's face)
Koen was happy in there for about 20 minutes and then he really wanted to explore. We threw rocks in the water for a bit and then we kept going to the waterfall. Gary and I even switched kids and I carried Kai in the Ergo. Overall, we let Kai walk about 1.5km's as he could run ahead and keep up. Koen maybe walked .5km. Today was a day that I just wanted a bit of a work out so that's why we weren't as kid friendly:)
So, what did practicing teach me?
1. I can hike!! Not overnight hiking with a 50lb backpack right now, but maybe a 25lb one and Gary carry everything else?!
2. We'll need to hike in the morning when Koen isn't tired.
3. We'll need to hike 45 minutes, stop and have lunch/snack, and then hike again.
4. Kai can keep up with us for about 20 minutes at a fast pace.
5. They each go in both of the carriers well.
I hope that you had a fabulous weekend!!
I'm so excited to watch the LOST finale tonight!!!
Love, Louise
PS Have a great long weekend!


  1. You've inspired me to want to take my boys hiking too :)

  2. I'm curious as to how you lost the vote. How many people got to vote? :)
    I love Koen's face in that one picture!

  3. That's funny...I often feel bad when I run with the girls in the stroller; they really want to get out and run around, but I won't get excercise if I let them out...I usually reward them with park time at the end of a run...sometimes momma's have to look after themselves too :)

  4. Okay Drumheller is awesome!! I went as a kid and I loved it so I think the boys will have an awesome time so long as you go to the dinosaur museum while you are there!

  5. It's great to see Team Chapman out, about, and active in the 'wilds'; I know you enjoy it.

  6. That is great that both boys can go in the Ergo! Was it hard on your shoulders with Kai? It looks like you guys had a great time.
    Did you just get your hair done? I don't know if it is because it is up, but I really love the color!

  7. Ashley, Kai is 42lbs so I'd say i could carry him for maybe 20 minutes max:)
    Yes, I got my hair highlighted so it looks blonder. There are roots already that drive me nuts but I love having blonder hair!

  8. I'm so secretly jealous of outdoorsy people. I wish I could hike but my body just can't do it. (Haha yea right) looks so fun!

  9. Looks so fun! I love Golden Ears. I love your hiking/camping summer plans. I'm so glad your heart didn't give you any trouble. Oh and I like your blond hair. nice!