Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Simon Says

Kai and Koen like to play `Simon Says' when it's time to eat. Do you know why I don't like it?
Because all Kai does is get Koen to rub all his food in his hair. Every. Single. Day.
We had a wonderfully full weekend of football, birthday parties, engagement shoot and a baptism. I love my football team. We have played together for 10 seasons and we are just so supportive and encouraging of each other. I say this because the team we played this weekend was noticeably different. We're tough but nice:)
(My sister Maria's 26(?) week belly)
We went out to Mission to witness baby Sami's baptism. Man, that little girl is the easiest baby in the entire world. Her cry lasts about 2 seconds. That's it. So chill. Fine with anyone and everyone. Wow.
Then we went to Jan and Doug's for a bbq. The kids just ran around wildly (they have a great yard) and we ate some yummy food.
(I will do my hair one day....)
And, all the Dekens' grandkids below

The boys are doing super well. Kai has decided in the past couple of weeks that he loves puzzles. This is awesome although all of our tables are now covered in puzzles. He has also been biking everywhere and I just carry Koen in the ergo or push him on the toddler bike with the extended handle. The boys love each other and also wrestling. When you add a third kid, does that fighting get a lot worse?

We got a call from our social worker yesterday. We are probably going to be done everything a month earlier than I thought (by August)! The one disappointing thing was that she said, `Are you sure you want to go domestic? There are a whole lot of people who are currently waiting for a domestic adoption.'. A little disappointing but there is no wait list, you get chosen by the birth mom. I still feel tons of peace about it but check in with me again if we're still waiting 2 years from now!

Time to get the Kokies. Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!
Love, Louise


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    You look SO beautiful and radiant in the picture with the baby!

  2. I love our football team too :)

  3. Ditto - gorgeous pic with the baby.
    Love koens food hair.
    I can't wait until Kai is a teenager.

  4. I love the simon says picture. Brings back memories of games francine & I used to play in the van. Good times. Great shots.

  5. Ha ha! Kai is way too smart- I love his Simon Says!

  6. beautiful pic of you and sami. so, do you wash Koen's hair after every meal? It drives me crazy when Maya does this with avocado!

  7. Megan, Koen's hair is short enough that I just use a cloth and kind of clean it:) It sort of looks like it has gel in it...ha ha. I only bathe them every other day. Hopefully this stage passes quickly!