Friday, April 30, 2010

Hazel Eyes

Koen is off of his antibiotics and I never want to put him on them ever again!!! We have a chiropractor appointment on Monday and I'm hopeful that with a few visits, we'll be able to help prevent future ear infections.
(I love my boys' hazel eyes!!)
I have continued giving him a lot of probiotics (powder placed in his milk) and things are looking much better today (way fewer diapers)!! Phew. He still isn't eating but at least he'll drink his milk.
(More grumpy face)
I took the boys to Campbell Valley Park this morning to run around outside. Well, Koen just wanted to be held which is so unlike him. Why did we go to south Langley? I picked up an Ergo carrier off of craigslist! I was going to wait until we had baby #3 but we might as well use it now on Kokies. He was too heavy for the bjorn so this is perfect. We came home and went to the park with Ani and Izzy so that I was able to try out the Ergo. I carried him in the front on the way there and on my back when we returned. I have to say that it was super comfy and I'm sure Koen will love it (he was pretty tired by that point). The one downfall is that it is way harder to do up and maneuver than the bjorn.
(Just so I remember what the back of his little head looked like:)
We have three weeks off this summer and are planning on a lot of hiking and camping so I think that will be a great option for carrying Koen.
We are photographing 5 weddings in May and the first one is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about the weather forecast for tomorrow but it should be fun. It's always nice going to new churches and locations so we're looking forward to it! The kids are pumped to go to gramma and grandpa's house and fortunately Koen is doing so much better today, I won't have to feel guilty the whole time we're apart!
Kai was able to go to his preschool party day (phew!) which he loved. Kai has been stuck at home all week with a sick Koen so it's nice to finally get out and about!
I'm getting my hair highlighted tonight. I splurged (like I try to do once a year) and bought spa utopia gift certificates at Costco. You get $100.00 worth for $80.00. So, tonight I will have 2 hours to myself and hopefully a scalp massage in there somewhere.

I finished reading `The Book of Negroes' and it was really good/sad. I didn't want it to end. Again, I would recommend it.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. I've read "The BOok of Negroes" already. I, too, really loved it.

  2. aunty trish3:00 PM

    I love the boys' hazel eyes too!! Glad koen is feeling better, poor fella.
    Have fun getting your hair done! Jealous

  3. Oh I am so happy Koen is feeling much better today! I think the wedding will be fun... not sure about the weather myself but I'm sure it will be good. Looking forward to seeing you sporting your new 'do tomorrow!

  4. Glad Koen is feeling better.

    I'm hoping to read that book this summer. I have heard great things about it.

  5. good to know about the Ergo. I want to get one for Mikayla and the babies.
    Koen's eyes look great in that shirt too!

  6. I love our Ergo too! And I've even carried Noah in it in the backpack position and it was still super comfortable.