Friday, April 23, 2010

Road Trip!

Yesterday my dad took Kai up to Green Lake and as soon as Gary gets off of work, we'll be heading up too! It was so weird skyping with Kai, man does his voice sound high pitched. Koen and I have missed Kai bear so much, our house is so quiet and calm. Although, it was nice heading to the park this morning at 8:30am without having to spend 20 minutes `encouraging' Kai to get dressed (underwear always inside out and backwards) and go to the bathroom.

This is what Kai said on skype last night (imagine it very high pitched):
MOMMY, I'M UP AT GREEN LAKE!!! WHERE'S KOEN? (so sweet that he wanted to know where his brother was...he really loves spending time with Koen). WE WENT FOR A RIDE ON THE QUAD AND MY HANDS ARE FREEZING! OKAY, I HAVE TO GO DO DETECTIVE STUFF. And off he went to do detective stuff?!

Later I got an email from my dad: `Please bring up the toilet seat with you, Kai didn't want to sit on the big scary toilet so he peed outside.'. Oh Kai bear, he sits on normal toilet seats all the time but he loves his little comfy insert so much. Who wouldn't, I guess.
Looking in the back of the van excites me so much!!! I haven't been mountain biking in years and I think that this weekend we should for sure get a chance to. Also, I'm just excited that there's still room in the back for our luggage with our two bikes! We do need to get a trailer hitch bike rack though if we will continue to take our bikes along...
I love Kokies fluffy hair...I always love it when boys have fluffy curly hair so I'm hoping that's how his comes in. It's looking like a beautiful auburn/strawberry blond type colour.
So, hopefully the weekend I have planned in my head comes to fruition:
Mountain biking with Gary
Hike with my sisters
Watching Kai on the quad and I guess trying it out myself!
Safe travels
Laughter with family
Kai roasting marshmallows and hot dog wieners for the first time
A decent nights sleep for all of us

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Love, Louise

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  1. sounds like the perfect weekend! have a great time!

  2. Sounds like fun! Have a great time! Oh, and Finn has the same toilet seat insert issues!

  3. Have a fantastic trip! I hope everything goes smoothly.

  4. I guess 4 out of your 7 wishes came true! :)