Friday, April 02, 2010

15 Months Old

Kokey Pokey is 15 months old today. This 24lb monkey is awesome. His favourite things to do are; read `Bugs' (he just says `Buh! Buh! Buh!' until you read it to him), climb on couches and tables, run around outside holding a plastic golf club, playing with water (and running into any depth of water which we really have to watch out for), chasing Kai around, diving into pillows and blankets, Blue, eating, drinking milk, and being outside.
He is so sweet. We love him to bits. His newest big word is `doggie' and he loves them. Words he says are: up, mommy, daddy, dai (kai), doggie, pees (please), tuh (touch), bah (ball), buhdie (birdy), and buh (bugs).
Kai is teaching Koen to throw the basketball against the square to get it in. Kai is such a little teacher:) When he tries to teach him a word, he does it the same as I do. `Koen can you say window? Win-dow. Win-dow. Window!' They do play together quite nicely but there are times, well daily, where Kai says he's not going to play with something or watch something if Koen is doing it too. Kai's favourite thing to do is wrestle/tackle him.
The rest of the pictures are his fake cry:) He just makes me laugh when he does it.
Koen has been sleeping through the night FINALLY for the last 2 weeks. He may have gotten up one time in there. So, he usually sleeps from 7pm-7:30am. LOVE IT!
He has two eye teeth that have popped through but still have a ways to go. So, he still just has 6 teeth, but man, he can eat anything with those 6 teeth! He is sick with another cold, he just seems to get so easily. He also still has eczema but it is controlled if we lotion him up 2x per day.

Kokies, we love you SO much. I have a feeling you will be keeping us laughing and smiling for years and years to come. Love you Bubba!!!
Love, Mommy, daddy and Kai.


  1. aw :) the fake cry is so cute but it makes me want to pick him up and hold him!

  2. great pictures - i love the fake cry too :)
    i also adore how the older sibling (here too) teach the younger ones how to say things :)